NuGen – genomic sample preparation

NuGen Technologies is a biotech company leader in providing solutions which make biological samples accessible for genomic analysis. NuGen enables customers to capture the truest biology achievable using efficient sample preparation/workflow solutions, thus decreasing the time to result and increasing the value of their samples.

NuGen – genomic sample preparation


Whole genome amplification is very important for researchers in the areas of cancer, neurobiology, stem cell biology or immunology. NuGen Technologies develops a range of simple, rapid, and scalable solutions for Next-Gen Sequencing library construction. Low sample input requirements enable discovery with limited and precious samples, and it’s also possible to multiplex from 16 to 384 samples. NuGen Technologies has robust amplification methods, which uniformly represent the genome and are suitable for use in quantitative downstream applications (array CGH, Next-Gen Sequencing, qPCR, etc…). These techniques offer a new level of flexibility to generate a reliable, renewable source of amplified DNA from limited genomic DNA (gDNA) samples.

NuGen also proposes fast, simple, robust RNA sample preparation solutions for analysis on microarray and NGS analysis platforms. NuGen’s RNA sample preparation technologies provide solutions of superior sensitivity for rapid analysis of gene expression profiling, whatever you are interested in (RNA-Seq, 3′ or whole transcriptome analysis requiring single-stranded or double-stranded product, etc…).

The Ovation WGA FFPE System provides a fast and simple method for high fidelity amplification of DNA (Single Primer Isothermal Amplification or SPIA products) from gDNA prepared from Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) tissue. This amplified DNA can be used in a variety of downstream applications and the simplicity and robustness of the procedure yields accurate and quantitative results, discarding the need for customization or optimization.

NuGen Technologies also developed lots of sophisticated technologies to help researchers in genomic sample preparation:

  • Selective Sequence Priming and Enrichment (SSPE): through proprietary primer design strategies combined with innovative assay design, NuGen proposes a tool which selectively enrich target sequences in the reverse transcription and first strand cDNA synthesis steps.
  • Insert Dependent Adapter Cleavage (InDA-C): the InDA-C method employs customized primers during library creation to target specific transcript species for exclusion in RNA-Seq libraries.
  • High Efficiency Library Adaptors: custom modified adaptors together with optimized ligation reaction conditions allow for the efficient construction of libraries using very low amounts of insert DNA (as little as 10 pg) with little or no adaptor dimer formation.
  • Methyl-Track Adaptors: used to generate sequencing libraries compatible with bisulfite conversion.
  • Single Primer Enrichment Technology: targeted DNA resequencing using as little as 10ng of gDNA input to resequence regions of 8Mb without the need for any pre-hybridization amplification of target DNA.

NuGen Technologies was founded in 2000 and is now located in Leek (Netherlands) and San Carlos (USA). NuGen’s leaders are Elizabeth Hutt (CEO), Doug Amorese, Dan Benetz, Alan Dance, Armin Winands, James Wilson, Jeff Bird, Andrew Brooks, Elizabeth Dávila, Michael Hunkapiller and Nurith Kurn. NuGen commercializes proprietary DNA and RNA sample preparation products for use in both diagnostic and research applications, using lots of distributors worldwide.

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