Austrianova Biotechnology – bioinert polymer encapsulation

Austrianova is a biotech company specialized in the encapsulation of living cells in bioinert polymers. Its Cell-in-a-Box technology is a very powerful tool to protect, isolate, store and transport living cells.

Austrianova Biotechnology – bioinert polymer encapsulation

Austrianova Biotechnology

Austrianova Biotechnology’s proprietary cell packaging material, Gel8, used for the Cell-in-a-Box technology, is derived from a naturally occurring material. Thus, it’s biologically inert, harmless for the environment and has been shown to be safe in humans. Cell-in-a-Box technology consists in the immobilization of any type of living cell into small beads. These capsules are around 0.7mm in size and can contain 10.000 cells. Cell-in-a-Box products are formed using Austrianova’s proprietary Gel8 material which has unique properties. The exterior capsule material is semi-permeable, allowing small molecules such as nutrients for the cells and waste products to easily and freely pass into and out of the capsules. In biotechnology, Cell-in-a-Box technology can be used to protect cells in bioreactors and fermenters, while at the same time simplifying purification of bioproducts produced from the cells and reducing production cost. Furthermore, Sigma-Aldrich recently launched a kit for hand-driven, self-encapsulation of cells, designed by Austrianova using this Cell-in-a-Box technology. This lab-scale encapsulation of living cells is the first product of its kind to be available on the market, and be used to look at cell viability, cell growth and release of biomolecules from the capsules. In healthcare, this Cell-in-a-Box technology facilitates the safe implantation of cells, holding them isolated from the immune system and allowing long term production of therapeutic molecules in patients. This Cell-in-a-Box technology was successful used in clinical trials, where genetically modified cells over-expressing a chemo-activating enzyme were encapsulated for cancer cell therapy, allowing lower doses of chemotherapy to be used more efficaciously without the usual debilitating side effects.

Austrianova Biotechnology, established in 2007, is based in Thailand, Singapore and Austria. Management Team is composed by Louise Bussieres, John Dangerfield, Walter Gunzburg and Brian Salmons.

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Austrianova Biotechnology – encapsulation of living cells in bioinert polymers – Cell-in-a-Box technology – Gel8

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