Xcelris Genomics – nucleic acid purification kits

Xcelris Genomics is India’s leading genomics company offering a wide service portfolio ranging from Molecular biology kits, Sanger Sequencing services, Oligosynthesis services, Next Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics analysis.

Xcelris Genomics – nucleic acid purification kits

Xcelris Genomics

Xcelris Genomics develops several kits for nucleic acid purification. Indeed, XcelGen kits allow researchers to obtain high quality of gDNA or RNA. XcelGen kits are designed for fast and efficient isolation of DNA and RNA from a wide variety of samples including plant or animal tissue, bacterial cells, buccal swab, soil, mitochondria, purification of PCR/Gel products, etc… The isolated products are ready-to-use in downstream applications (Cloning, PCR, Real time PCR, sequencing, cDNA synthesis, etc…). XcelGen kits use silica-based membrane technology, which selectively binds nucleic acid and removes other contaminants to give highly pure genomic DNA and RNA. Those kits perfectly complements the broad range of daily used laboratory products, like DNA polymerases, PCR master mix, DNA ladders, markers, etc…

Xcelris Genomics also offers XPet (premium micropipette tips) or primer design service, customized oligos synthesis, 2-D Gel electrophoresis and spot identification, peptide mapping, molecular weight analysis, oligonucleotide analysis, rapid microbial identification using MALDI Biotyper, etc… Xcelris Genomics also proposes rapid and high quality DNA sequencing services with online reporting (XcelSeq). DNA sequencing services is performed on ABI 3730xl 96 capillary system using Big Dye Terminator v3.1 kit, giving accuracy, reliability and high quality to the results.

Xcelris Genomics is based in Gujarat (India). Xcelris Labs facility spreads over 40.000 sq.ft and is designed to meet the highest standards. Xcelris Labs uses cutting edge technology with unprecedented sensitivity and reliability to address the scientific needs. Xcelris Genomics has access to the latest technological platforms such as Illumina, MiSeq, ABI Solid system, HiSeq2000/2500, iScan, NextSeq500, SOLiD 4 and a High Performance Computing Cluster with 3.2 TB RAM and 250TB Data storage capacity. The foundation of Xcelris Genomics is in its wide pool of talented and experienced scientists.

More about Xcelris Genomics : www.xcelrisgenomics.com

Xcelris Genomics – nucleic acid purification kits – XcelGen – XPet – XcelSeq

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