Regeneus – stem cell therapy

Regeneus is a biotech company developing and commercializing proprietary technologies for the preparation of cell therapies for the treatment of musculoskeletal and other inflammatory conditions in humans and animals.

Regeneus – stem cell therapy


Regeneus is a regenerative medicine company that is focused on using the regenerative capacities of adipose-derived cells to develop innovative cell therapies for humans and animals. Stem cells are present in adipose tissue in surprisingly high numbers: up to 1.000.000 mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in one gram of fat. In comparison, the same amount of bone marrow contains less than 1.000 MSCs. This high numbers of regenerative cells within adipose tissue overcomes the need to culture them. This rich source of regenerative cells possesses anti-inflammatory, repair and regenerative qualities. This Regeneus’ proprietary cell mixture contains stem cells and adipocytes, and it has been shown in pre-clinical study to perform better therapeutically than a cell mixture that did not contain adipocytes. Regeneus has commercially launched an autologous cell therapy prepared in-clinic for the treatment of human musculoskeletal conditions called HiQCell and two products for the treatment of canine and equine musculoskeletal conditions called AdiCell and CryoShot. AdiCell is an autologous cell therapy prepared in-clinic while CryoShot is an off-the-shelf cell therapy prepared from donor regenerative cells (allogeneic). Both HiQCell and AdiCell are unique autologous (derived from the same individual’s body) regenerative treatments. Regeneus announced that over 450 patients have been commercially treated with this HiQCell stem cell therapy. HiQCell stem cell therapy involves injecting a mixture of cells taken from a person’s adipose (fat) tissue into an affected joint or tendon.

Regeneus was founded in August 2007 and is based in Sydney (Australia). The Board is composed by Roger Aston, John Martin, Graham Vesey and Barry Sechos. Regeneus has developed a huge experience and skills in the area of separation, preparation and use of adipose-derived regenerative cells for therapeutic purposes in humans and animals. These developments exist within two distinct product platforms: a cell-based platform (autologous and allogeneic) and a secretions-based platform (allogeneic). Regeneus has 9 patent families for current products including HiQCell and CryoShot and a range of future products. Regeneus is publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX code: RGS).

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