NZYTech – carbohydrate-active enzymes

NZYTech is a biotech company specialized in carbohydrate research and offering a comprehensive range of molecular biology products meeting the highest standards for laboratory research (genes, enzymes, kits, etc…).

NZYTech – carbohydrate-active enzymes


NZYTech is devoted to offer genes, enzymes and diagnostic kits with the highest quality at the best prices. NZYTech is a leader in carbohydrate-active enzymes (CAZYmes) research and products. NZYTech also proposes a large range of recombinant cellulases and hemicellulases presenting a wide range of substrate specificities. NZYTech also develops a wide and diverse range of cost effective plant cell wall degrading enzymes. Indeed, NZYTech’s expertise in the production of highly active recombinant enzymes supports the development of very sensitive and rapid enzymatic test kits. The development of analytical products, both enzymes and high quality test kits, is at the core of NZYTech activity.

In November 2011, NZYTech joined the Venomics Consortium. Venomics Consortium aims at exploiting animal venom compounds for the development of novel therapeutics. This consortium involves eight industrial and academic partners from five European countries, representing novel and complimentary approaches in peptide drug discovery. Venomics Consortium will implement an innovative workflow involving cutting-edge transcriptomics, proteomics and high-throughput peptide production technologies to decipher venom diversity. The project covers the generation of a venom and tissue biobank, peptide production, target selection, pharmacological screening, hit optimization and lead compound generation. NZYTech is collaborating in the synthesis of the genes required for the in vitro production of selected peptides to generate the 10.000 peptides bank. This consortium is supported financially through the European Framework Program.

NZYTech was founded in June 2008 and is based in Lisboa (Portugal). Management Team is composed by Carlos Fontes, Luis Ferreira and Jose Prates. All genes, enzymes and analytical kits commercialized by NZYTech come from research carried out internally by a highly motivated and active research group. NZYTech has a quality management system certified by ISO 9001:2008, ensuring the best quality of its products and services.

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