Bioagilytix – bioanalytical CRO for your large-molecule needs

BioAgilytix is the go-to bioanalytical partner to successfully develop, prove, and deliver life-saving, game-changing biologic breakthroughs.

Bioagilytix – bioanalytical CRO for your large-molecule needs


BioAgilytix provides quality, dependable bioanalytical support and scientific expertise to the pharmaceutical and biotech community to more effectively bring their products to market. From discovery through post-marketing, Bioagilytix anticipates potential bioanalytical challenges and recommend solutions every step of the way, identifying each opportunity to compress your timelines and ultimately, your time to market. As scientists supporting scientists, BioAgilytix is an engaged and energetic partner committed to delivering exceptional value and veteran bioanalytical expertise with a collaborative process that consistently results in successful projects. From biomarkers to cell-based assays, PK, and immunogenicity, Bioagilytix is the bioanalytical lab that will compress the time of success of your large-molecule biologics and biosimilars.

From discovery through Phases I, II, III and IV, BioAgilytix offers comprehensive bioanalytical support for every stage of large molecule drug development. Bioagilytix services support all bioanalytical needs from discovery to pre-clinical and clinical development, manufacturing, and post-marketing surveillance under non-GLP, spirit-of-GLP, GLP, GCP or GMP. These services include assay development, assay qualification, assay validation, sample analysis and lot release testing.

Bioagilytix is a biotech company headquartered in the USA. BioAgilytix is a partner to 8 of the top 10 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as smaller biotechs and emerging biopharmas. Its integrity-driven leadership underpins and emphasizes a culture of commitment, collaboration, and scientific excellence. Management Team is composed by Jim Datin, Afshin Safavi, Steven Michael, Dominique Gouty, Monica Coleman and Anita Simkins.

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Bioagilytix – bioanalytical CRO – large-molecule – assay development – assay qualification – assay validation – sample analysis – lot release testing

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