Primary Peptides – peptide-mediated protein knockdown

Primary Peptides has identified a series of key domains of disease related proteins, and has designed peptides to either block the interactions of these disease related proteins, offering new therapeutic approaches, and also to reduce the levels of particular disease related proteins in the brain.

Primary Peptides – peptide-mediated protein knockdown

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Primary Peptides offers several Peptide Arrays of defined protein overlapping peptides (overlapping sequence design increases sensitivity). The peptide array is directly synthesized on a membrane with a maximum capacity of 384 peptide dots. The membrane is then overlaid with purified target protein, followed by immunoblotting to find the interaction between the target protein and selective peptide dots. The minimum peptide sequence sufficient to bind to the target protein is revealed by analyzing several adjacent dots that all show positive binding with the target protein. Selected peptide candidates will be linked with a membrane-permeable sequence (roughly 10 aa long) to achieve penetration of both the blood-brain barrier and the plasma membrane of cells. Primary Peptides uses this technique extensively to identify small peptide sequences (10 aa long) that can be applied for either interference of protein-protein interaction by binding to the interaction interface of target proteins or selective knockdown of endogenous proteins using its peptide-mediated protein knockdown technology.
Peptide-mediated Protein Knockdown Technology is a simple, non-virally mediated, cell membrane-permeant, targeting peptide-based system to rapidly and reversibly knock down an endogenous protein of interest by targeting it for lysosomal degradation. Indeed, a chaperone-mediated autophagy-targeting motif can direct this peptide-protein complex for lysosomal degradation. Primary Peptides already designed multiple membrane-permeant peptides that can acutely and reversibly knock down many proteins of interest (i.e. knockdown peptides targeting death-associated protein kinase 1 (DAPK1), a vital protein mediating cell death cascades in ischemic stroke, or α-synuclein, a widely-studied protein important for the pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease).
Primary Peptides is a biotech company headquartered in Canada. Primary Peptides was founded to capitalize on the extensive knowledge of neuroscience and proteomics amongst its founders. Investigator Team is composed by Max Cynader, Yu Tian Wang and William Jia. Primary Peptides has obtained several patents on its core technologies. In addition, Primary Peptides has several patents for lead compound therapeutics in the areas of Neurodegenerative Disorders (including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Frontotemporal Dementia, and ALS), stroke, etc…

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Primary Peptides – PrimaryPeptides – – peptide-mediated protein knockdown

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