Biomanda – Next-Gen sequencing and biodiversity

Biomanda is a bioinformatics company specialized in Next-Gen sequencing data and biodiversity studies.

Biomanda – Next-Gen sequencing and biodiversity


Benefit from the experience of Biomanda’s staff in the field of the analysis of DNA and RNA sequences using the latest technological advances in molecular biology. Biomanda knows your needs and your technological limits, because the team is composed by bioinformaticians with dual competence in biology and bioinformatics. Biomanda’s scientists will help you to keep a competitive edge by checking the efficiency of your detection solutions and by improving them with the latest updates of databases. Whatever your sector is (Biology, Health, Food, Cosmetology, Veterinary, etc…), Biomanda is your perfect partner!
Biomanda allows you to use high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics to know exhaustively the biodiversity of an ecosystem. Biomanda also offers to perform advanced analysis, like comparison of habitats depending on various factors. Furthermore, Biomanda proposes a “ready to publish” formula, with analysis reports and intuitive figures. Bio-manda allows you to go deeper in your analysis by seeking additional data and by adding them to your existing analysis (biodiversity, phylogeny, typing, etc..). Biomanda proposes a unique bioinformatics solution to collect all the scientific literature on a detection method and retrieve all PCR primers and probes in these articles.

Founded in September 2013, Bio-manda is a bioinformatics company based in Nice (France) and leaded by Julien Gardès (CEO) and Richard Christen. Bio-manda is located in ​​Sophia Antipolis, the French Silicon Valley. Bio-manda is a member of competitive cluster Eurobiomed and has the support of the foundation UNICE. Bio-manda is supported and funded by Incubateur PACA-EST.

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