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Active Motif is a biotech company leader in developing innovative tools for epigenetic and gene regulation research.

Active Motif – epigenetic research

Active Motif

Gene expression is controlled at both the transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels (transcription factors, DNA-binding proteins, microRNA, RISC complex, etc…). In addition, because the DNA is packaged as nucleosomes, histone modifications and DNA methylation play a large regulatory role by altering chromatin structure and influencing whether the DNA is accessible for transcription or not. Active Motif offers a wide range of products to study each of these types of gene regulation.

To analyze Transcriptional Regulation, Active Motif proposes several tools, like FunctionELISA IκBα, a very sensitive way to monitor IκBα’s phosphorylation. TransAM Transcription Factor Assays are DNA-binding ELISA facilitating the study of transcription factor activation in mammalian cell or tissue extracts. LightSwitch Luciferase Assay System includes 18.000 human promoters into transfection-ready LightSwitch reporter vectors, used with the optimized luciferase assay reagents and protocols. Luminex Transcription Factor Multiplex Kits are bead-based assays that enable simultaneous and comparative analysis of multiple members of the AP1 or NF-κB transcription factor in the same sample. And Active Motif’s Gelshift Chemiluminescent EMSA Assay Kit greatly improves the classical electrophoretic mobility shift assay (EMSA) technique by eliminating the use of radioactivity through use of a more sensitive, chemiluminescent detection method.

Active Motif offers products for the study of Post-transcriptional Regulation. LightSwitch 3´UTR Luciferase Reporter Collection includes over 12.000 human 3´UTR cloned in transfection-ready LightSwitch reporter vectors and can be used to validate miRNA targets or measure RNA stability, translation efficiency, etc… Moreover, 900 LightSwitch Synthetic miRNA Target Reporter constructs are also available, using optimized sequence repeats that provide better sensitivity than their native 3´UTR counterparts because they are fully complementary to human or viral miRNA sequences.

Furthermore, Active Motif provides high quality products for the study of chromatin, histones and nucleosomes. Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) is used to map epigenetic marks and DNA-binding proteins loci in the genome. Active Motif’s ChIP-IT kits are complete assays specifically optimized for a variety of ChIP procedures such as sequential ChIP, ChIP-Seq, RNA ChIP, ChIP from FFPE samples or High Sensitivity ChIP. Active Motif also proposes the NOMe-Seq Kit, providing both a DNA methylation profile and a nucleosome footprint for the same DNA strand. Thus, NOMe-Seq Kit enables the analysis of nucleosome occupancy in the context of DNA methylation for their target gene of interest. Active Motif also offers a complete line of recombinant proteins (growth factors, transcription factors, histones, DNA damage proteins, DNA modifying enzymes, histone modifying enzymes, etc…) as well as pre-assembled recombinant human nucleosomes comprised of octamers of core histone proteins (H2A, H2B, H3 and H4) bound by DNA. This recombinant nucleosomes offer the advantage of more physiological substrates for in vitro assays compared to histone proteins alone or synthetic peptides.

Active Motif has offices in Carlsbad (USA), La Hulpe (Belgium), Tokyo (Japan) and Shanghai (China), and is represented worldwide by lots of distributors.

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