Kytogenics – chitosan derived technology

Kytogenics is a drug delivery company developing a series of clinically significant therapies and products based on its N,O- carboxymethylchitosan (NOCC) chitosan derived technology and its sulfated derivative s-NOCC.

Kytogenics – chitosan derived technology


N,O- carboxymethylchitosan (NOCC) is an exceptional bio-polymer because of its chemical structure. NOCC has properties in common with other polysaccharide polymers but many NOCC’s properties of are uniquely different from other polysaccharides. Indeed, NOCC possesses both the amine and carboxyl groups of amino acids but on a polysaccharide backbone. The presence of these substituents makes NOCC bioadhesive to both hard (teeth and bone) and soft tissues (mucosal membranes). NOCC carries a sufficient negative charge so that the attachment of certain cells to surfaces that have been coated with NOCC is prevented or inhibited. The adsorption of proteins to NOCC-coated substrates is also inhibited. Furthermore, NOCC can be readily modified by simple chemical means due to the presence of reactive amine and carboxyl groups along the polymer chain. One possible modification involves cross-linking NOCC to obtain higher molecular weight polymers that persist in vivo for extended periods of time. Therapeutic agents (peptides, drugs, etc…) can also be easily coupled to NOCC.
Kytogenics has developed several technologies based on its NOCC and sulfated derivative s-NOCC Technology platforms. The Mucoadhesive Cell Control Technology (MACC) has outstanding properties and is used for the development of medical devices.  It is based on the mucoadhesive polysaccharide NOCC. The Tight Junction Opener Technology (TIJO) uses the ability of some special chitinous derivatives to open the tight junctions between cells, thus enhancing the permeation of drugs through mucosal tissues. This TIJO technology has potential to deliver peptides, proteins and other macromolecules but also small molecule drugs.

Kytogenics is a biotech company based in Chatham (USA) and Dartmouth (Canada). Management Team is composed by Marina Zazanis (CEO) and Samia Mankarious. Scientific advisors include Timothy Lee, Maya Thanou, Michael Diamond, Clive Elson, Peter Hauschka and George Zazanis. Kytogenics has focused its product programs on treating, preventing and healing diseases and conditions using its chitosan derivatives. Kytogenics considers its NOCC Technology as the building block for the future expansion and thus Kytogenics plans to out-license its NOCC Technology.

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