Origene – your Gene company

OriGene is a biotech company preparing comprehensive, genome wide research tools and technology platforms for biopharma, biotech and academic research.

Origene – your Gene company


OriGene uses high-throughput, genome wide approach to develop products for researchers, including the largest commercial collection of full-length human cDNAs available in a standard expression vector. This searchable gene bank contains over 30.000 human full-length TrueClone cDNA and over 25.000 TrueORF cDNA clones. From this TrueORF cDNA clones, OriGene has developed the largest collection of full length human proteins expressed in mammalian cells, ideal for functional studies. OriGene also initiated the TrueMAB project to develop mouse monoclonal antibodies against protein antigens, in order to develop protein assays for every human protein. OriGene proposes 50.000 primary antibodies including TrueMAB mouse monoclonal and other polyclonal antibodies against human proteins. OriGene applies most advanced technologies to generate highly specific antibodies for successful assays. Indeed, OriGene has developed TrueMAB monoclonal antibodies using authentic human proteins as antigens, leading to superior qualities compared to peptide-derived antibodies. Therefore, TrueMAB antibodies are great tools for immunoassays that are sensitive to proteins’ conformations, such as immunoprecipitation, immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry, ELISA, flow cytometry, antibody arrays, etc…

OriGene also offers TruePlex Autoantibody Profiling Array, with over 10.000 full length human proteins and the flexibility of Luminex’s xMAP technology, leading to the development of protein arrays for any gene and any target. As a Luminex certified developer, OriGene also proposes antibody pairs validated on the Luminex for use in singleplex multiplex assay applications, TruePLEX Immunoassay, ELISA and multiplexed immunoassays. Furthermore, Cancer Protein Lysate Arrays are high-density reverse-phase protein arrays (RPPA, or RPA) assembled from 431 cancer and normal tissue protein lysates. Cancer Protein Lysate Arrays enable quantitative identification of protein expression profiles and post-translation modifications associated with 11 types of cancer. In addition, OriGene also offers unique gene expression products such as TissueScan cancer tissue qPCR arrays and tissue biorepository for biomarker discovery and validation.

Origene is a biotech company based in Rockville (USA) and Beijing (China). In 2010, OriGene acquired Blue Heron Biotech and offers now a complete molecular biology service from codon optimization, gene synthesis, protein expression and assay development.

More about Origene : www.origene.com

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