Asterand – human tissue and biofluids

Asterand is the leading provider of high quality, well characterized human tissue, biofluids and human tissue-based research solutions to accelerate the identification and validation of drug targets.

Asterand – human tissue and biofluids


Asterand developed XpressBANK biobank, containing several hundred thousand samples from a broad range of anatomic sites and diseases. All of these biospecimens are obtained using precise standard operating procedures to provide the researchers with the materials that will meet their scientific needs. For clients requiring tissue samples with accompanying clinical outcome data, Asterand maintains BioReserve repository of frozen and fixed tissues with patient follow-up data. All samples are provided with more than 100 clinical data points and each biospecimen is assessed using uniform quality assurance tests. Asterand’s PhaseZERO Drug Discovery Services platform utilizes human tissues in vitro to generate data that drive target validation and support decision making for the best targets.

Asterand also provides a wide range of standard and custom assays for gene expression analysis, including qRT-PCR-based services to validate human targets at the gene expression level. XpressWay is a quantitative gene expression profiles to identify which non-diseased human tissues express a given target. TargetEvaluator is a comprehensive database of expression of gene transcripts in non-diseased human tissues.
To further understand the potential function of a human target and its possible role in disease, it is important to localize that target at the cellular level. Asterand thus provides services for In Situ Hybridization (ISH), ImmunoHistoChemistry (IHC) or an IHC assay assessing the cross-reactivity of therapeutic antibody candidates in a frozen tissue microarray. Asterand also proposes antibody validation or Autoradiography (localization of ligand binding sites in frozen human tissue sections). Furthermore, Asterand provides a range of 2D and 3D human cell based assays to assess the potency, effect and safety of potential new therapeutics.

Asterand is based in Detroit (USA) and Royston (UK). Asterand was founded in 2000 and merged in 2006 with Pharmagene (founded in1996) and in 2012 with Stemgent (founded in 2008). With this background and technical capabilities in human tissue procurement, characterization and research tools, Asterand is a unique provider to meet the research needs of academical labs or pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnositic companies.

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