Biomay – recombinant allergens

Biomay is a biotech company discovering and developing innovative allergy therapeutics. Biomay is a leader in the diagnostic and therapeutic use of recombinant allergens.

Biomay – recombinant allergens


The majority of allergic patients today are treated with pharmacotherapy (antihistamines) which alleviates the symptoms of allergy but cannot stop the progression of the disease. Allergen-specific immunotherapy (SIT) is a therapeutic vaccination based on the administration of the disease eliciting allergens. Biomay develops peptide carrier fusion vaccines containing linear peptides which are parts of B-cell epitopes. These peptides are fused to an immunogenic carrier element and expressed by recombinant technology. Peptide carrier fusion vaccines induce a focused allergen specific IgG response directed against parts of the IgE epitope. Biomay is performing an early stage clinical development program with its lead product BM32, a peptide carrier fusion vaccine against grass pollen allergies. And another peptide carrier fusion vaccine against birch pollen allergies (BM31) is currently at the preclinical development stage. Peptide carrier fusion vaccines provide a highly specific allergy immunotherapy platform with an unrivaled safety profile. Additionally, Biomay offers cGMP contract manufacturing services for the production of recombinant biologicals as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Biomay produces both research-grade and GMP-grade recombinant allergens. Due to its experience with microbial expression systems (P. pastoris and E. coli) these allergens are produced at an exceptional high quality level. Biomay´s multi-product GMP facility allows the manufacturing of microbial-based proteins and plasmid DNA (DNA vaccines).

Biomay is a privately held biotech company headquartered in Vienna (Austria). Management Team is composed by Rainer Henning, Karl Fister, Angela Neubauer and Hans Huber. Biomay is supported by a Clinical Advisory Board of world leading allergy specialists (Marianne van Hage, Peter Creticos, Stephen Durham, Marek Jutel and Hans Ulrich Wahn). Biomay has a wide pipeline of highly innovative allergy vaccine candidates and its proprietary technologies are well protected by a large portfolio of patents.

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