Bionano Genomics – high-resolution single-molecule imaging to explore the genome

BioNano Genomics aims to bring full genome understanding to the entire scientific community through its unique Irys System. Irys is based on NanoChannels uniformly stretching and linearizing DNA to map the genome unlike any other solution. Irys System uses high-resolution, single-molecule imaging of labeled, long DNA to explore the genome.

Bionano Genomics – high-resolution single-molecule imaging to explore the genome

Bionano Genomics

Many current high-throughput genomic technologies start by fragmenting and amplifying DNA. This necessity often sacrifices many structural variants, including rearrangements, inversions and copy-number variants. Thus, to achieve higher-quality genome analysis and comprehensive views of variation, a complete genome map is essential. Traditional map-building methods are usually very expensive and time-consuming. BioNano developed the Irys System to overcome these limitations and enable any lab to efficiently and cost-effectively create genome maps of any organism. The Irys System makes this possible by leveraging advances in nanoscale materials engineering: by linearizing and uniformly stretching extremely long pieces of DNA in NanoChannel arrays, the proprietary IrysChips preserve the true architecture of the genome. Genome maps are generated from massively parallel, single-molecule visualization of extremely long DNA without amplification, providing long-range contiguity and eliminating PCR bias. By working with whole molecules, the Irys System avoids amplification and shearing, while bypassing the ambiguities and time investment of large-scale data reassembly. DNA molecules labeled with IrysPrep reagents contain sufficient sequence-uniqueness to unambiguously map to a reference or assemble de novo. The result is a comprehensive, accurate, unbiased view providing unique insights into genome structure. Thus, Irys System provides all you need for generating whole genome maps and extracting powerful data for a variety of applications. IrysChip uniformly stretch DNA for high-throughput analysis of genomic architecture. Irys Instrument linearizes and analyzes genome data with automated, single-molecule imaging of extremely long DNA. And IrysView Software is a powerful analysis software for de novo assembly, structural variation detection, visualizing and exporting run results. Furthermore, IrysSolve is Bionano Genomics’ streamlined data analysis pipeline implemented on a variety of computational solutions.

Bionano Genomics is a biotech company headquartered in San Diego (USA). Management Team is composed by Erik Holmlin, Han Cao, Joel Jung, Terry Salyer, Mike Ward and Mark Borodkin. Board of Directors is composed by Tracy Warren, Erik Holmlin, Albert Luderer, Brian Halak, Campbell Murray, Darren Cai and David Barker. And Pui-Yan Kwok, Charles Lee and Paul Selvin are the Scientific Advisors.

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