Oncodesign – preclinical evaluation of anticancer therapies

Oncodesign is a biotech company offering preclinical evaluation of anticancer therapies (Pharmimage, PREDICT, Chi-Mice, Nanocyclix, etc…).

Oncodesign – preclinical evaluation of anticancer therapies


Oncodesign provides a broad range of products and services for the assessment and validation of anti-cancer therapies, as well as biomarker development and monitoring. Oncodesign’s team selects the most appropriate screening method to conduct preclinical assays (selection of appropriate in vitro and in vivo models, drug formulation for in vivo administration, PK profiling and PD biomarker identification, dose and schedule optimization, drug combination, drug efficacy and resistance evaluation, etc…). Oncodesign offers a large panel of validated models (more than 600 cell lines and syngeneic, xenogeneic, transgenic, ectopic or orthotopic in vivo models). Oncodesign is also a leader in the development of rat cancer models in preclinical anticancer drug evaluation. And Oncodesign’s devises bring relevant rational, economic and competitive answers to therapeutic and biomarker development. Indeed, the PREDICT platform is dedicated to conventional in vitro and in vivo pharmacology and centralizes the whole range of assays and databases to conduct complete pharmacological characterization of anti-cancer drugs. PREDICT platform also provides proof of concept of the efficacy of any lead compounds. Oncodesign also develops Chi-Mice, a technological platform dedicated to the development of relevant models for the selection of efficient anticancer therapies. Through the use of patient-derived xenografts to murine models reconstituted with a human immune system, Chi-Mice can assess any drugs under clinically-relevant conditions. Furthermore, PharmImage is a multi-modal, non-invasive pharmaco-imaging platform for imaging biomarker development. Moreover, Nanocyclix is dedicated to the synthesis and optimization of new compounds used for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. Nanocyclix technology is currently applied to the synthesis of highly potent and specific novel kinase inhibitors. Indeed, Nanokinib is a kinase focused library of proprietary small molecule macrocycles that Oncodesign has created using its Nanocyclix technology. The current library contains 5.000 kinase inhibitors that were broadly profiled across the human kinome and in early ADMET models. Each compound of the Nanokinib library was individually designed to display good cell penetration and attractive physicochemical properties. These compounds display low nanomolar potencies against a small number of kinases.

Oncodesign Biotechnology was founded by Philippe Genne in 1995 to discover new approaches to cancer treatment. Oncodesign is headquartered in Dijon (France). Management Team is composed by Scott Barksdale, Kamel Boumali and Jean-Marie Charpin.

More about Oncodesign : www.oncodesign.fr

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