Innate Pharma – therapeutic antibodies

Innate Pharma is a biopharma company developing therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases.

Innate Pharma – therapeutic antibodies

innate pharma

Innate Pharma is a leader in immuno-oncology targeting innate immunity cells. Indeed, this company is specialized in the development of new monoclonal antibodies targeting receptors and pathways controlling the activation of innate immunity cells. Innate Pharma develops an innovative approach against cancer and inflammatory diseases: monoclonal antibodies specifically regulating the activity of some immune cells in order to facilitate or to slow down their activation. Innate Pharma has developed a new proprietary coupling technology to generate homogenous Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs). Innate Pharma’s innovative coupling technology uses bacterial transglutaminase (BTG) enzyme to develop two types of antibodies: immunomodulating and cytotoxic antibodies. The two most advanced programs are immuno-modulating antibodies targeting receptors at the surface of immune cells to potentiate their activation. Innate Pharma’s technology also has potential in chronic inflammatory diseases. Furthermore, Innate Pharma has a large panel of molecular and cellular assays and in vivo models to assess the pharmacodynamics, pharmacotoxicology and efficacy of drug candidates.
Innate Pharma is a biopharma company headquartered in Marseille (France). Innate Pharma was founded in 1999 by a group of immunologists (Alessandro Moretta, Marc Bonneville, Jean-Jacques Fournié and Eric Vivier) and two managers from the biopharma industry (Hervé Brailly and François Romagné). Management Team is composed by Catherine MOUKHEIBIR, Hervé BRAILLY, Nicolai WAGTMANN, Pierre DODION, Marcel ROZENCWEIG, Jérôme TIOLLIER and Yannis MOREL. Supervisory Board is composed by Gilles BRISSON, Irina STAATZ-GRANZER, Karsten Munk KNUDSEN, Patrick LANGLOIS, Philippe POULETTY, Michael CALIGIURI and Véronique CHABERNAUD. And Scientific committee is composed by Bernard MALISSEN, Philip GREENBERG, Ron LEVY, David RAULET and François ROMAGNÉ. Innate Pharma is listed on Euronext-Paris.

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