Cell-Easy – reducing stem cells manufacturing cost for cell therapies

Cell-Easy is a cell therapy Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) for preclinical and clinical drug development projects.

Cell-Easy’s aspiration is to dramatically reduce stem cell manufacturing cost, starting with ASC (historical and local strong expertise), to change the affordability challenge currently met by Cell Therapies. Its ASC production process was designed using QbD approach and economical study (Manufacturing Cost model simulation) to ensure cell quality, scalability, compatibility with GMP requirements and economic viability for the entire clinical development INCLUDING the commercialization.

European leading CDMO company specialized in large volume industrialized production of GMP approved cell products

Cell-Easy’s team is committed to its customers to develop & produce ATMPs for clinical advanced therapies. Its ambition combines analytical and process innovations to provide cGMP cells with extended characterization (safety, identity, and performance). Cell-Easy’s experience in stem cells has grown from its original ambition: to make cell therapy accessible to as many patients as possible, by combining an allogeneic approach with a high-performance culture process. Its MSC production process has been designed using a QbD approach and an economic study (simulation of the manufacturing cost model) to ensure cell quality, scalability, compatibility with GMP requirements and economic viability for the entire clinical development, including commercialization.

Analytics-driven Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) specialized in Cell Therapy, Cell-Easy offers customized process development, GMP manufacturing and unique analytical services for adult stem cells (MSCs, iPSCs and Exosome) and immune cells (engineered CAR-T,-NK…cells, and non-engineered cells) in Regenerative Medicine and Immuno-oncology fields.

Cell-Easy facilities comprise 350 sqm of qualified controlled environment suites optimized to develop Manufacturing and Analytical Process, proceed to environmental and material Quality Control and execute cGMP Manufacturing, Fill&Finish, long-term Storage of ATMPs compliant with all the requirements of Regulatory Standards and cGMP guidelines.

Cell-Easy is a recent and fast-growing biotech startup based in Toulouse, France. The Cell-Easy Management team and all collaborators have a strong expertise in the Development and Manufacturing of innovative cell-based therapies.

More info : https://www.cell-easy.com/