Chiron Biotech – Multimaterial Bioprinting

We are glad to announce the start of the Chiron project. The aim of the project is to create a smart multi material bioprinting platform for the research and production in the biomedical sector to create a portfolio of biomaterials and applications.

Chiron Biotech - Multimaterial Bioprinting

It officially started with the consortium team working on developing the bioprinter. Key milestones being the delivery of the full bioprinting platform to the University of Eindhoven and a special jetting equipment to Trinity College of Dublin.
Numerous applications are possible with our technology. This includes: multimaterial biofabrication, personalized medicine & drug discovery, regenerative medicine and bioprocessing, just to name a few. Therefore, we are excited to experience a world where this technology becomes part of scientific research and medicine.

While Chiron is funded by Eurostars, a European programme specifically dedicated to research performing SMEs, Chiron is an international collaboration between two SMEs (Concr3de BV and IPC – Innovative Polymer Compounds) and two research centers (University Medical Center of Utrecht and the Trinity College of Dublin).

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