Eligo Bioscience – eligobiotics

Eligo Bioscience is a biotech company developing a new generation of antibiotics, called “eligobiotics”.

Eligo Bioscience – eligobiotics

Eligo Bioscience

Current antibiotics tend to be broad spectrum, leading to indiscriminate killing of commensal bacteria and accelerated evolution of drug resistance. Antibiotics usually target conserved bacterial cellular pathways or growth functions and therefore cannot selectively kill specific members of a complex microbial population. Eligobiotics are protein-based nanodelivery vectors containing a synthetic circuit encoding for a programmable RNA-guided nuclease. Eligobiotics can be programmed to eradicate bacteria based on their genomic sequence. Such system can ensures an extremely specific effect of eligobiotics against targeted bacteria while leaving the rest of the flora completely intact. Thus, eligobiotics provide a new approach to explore, understand and control very precisely bacterial ecosystems in human and animals. These sequence-specific antimicrobials using the RNA-guided nuclease Cas9 delivered by a bacteriophage are able to kill virulent, but not avirulent Staphylococcus aureus. This innovative technology creates opportunities to manipulate complex bacterial populations in a sequence-specific manner. Eligo Bioscience is currently developing eligobiotics to decolonize patients from antibiotic-resistant and virulent bacterial pathogens. Eligobiotics can be applied for therapeutics, cosmetics, biodefense, etc…

Eligo Bioscience is a spin-off from MIT and Rockefeller University. Eligo Bioscience is a biotech company headquartered in Paris (France). Its complementary and interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers is composed by Xavier Duportet (CEO and Cofounder), David Bikard (CSO and Cofounder), Timothy Lu (Cofounder), Luciano Marraffini (Cofounder), Laure Saujet (Microbiology) and Matthieu Galtier (Animal models).

More about Eligo Bioscience : http://eligo-bioscience.com/

Eligo Bioscience – eligobiotics – antibiotics – protein-based nanodelivery vectors

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