Euformatics – NGS quality management system

Euformatics provides state-of-the-art solutions that remove high-throughput NGS data handling bottlenecks in translational and clinical genomics.

Euformatics – NGS quality management system


Euformatics has an exceptionally strong R&D activity and connections to the academic research world. Tight collaborations with medical geneticists, pathologists and oncologists are reflected in Euformatics’ portfolio of software solutions for NGS quality management and for genome variant interpretation. All solutions automatises to a maximum the knowledge gathering processes to the benefit of speed, quality and consistency.

The omnomicsNGS product line focuses on patient-specific genome data analysis, data gathering, aggregation, and sharing. The users are medical geneticists that have to recognize pathology-related genes or find the reasons behind rare diseases, based on the analysis of gene panel, whole exome, or whole genome NGS data. The user can tailor biomarker tests, create own annotations, group patients for cohort analysis, and filter genetic changes. Results are visualized in the light of known variations, diseases, protein domains, drug responses and several other associations.

The omnomicsQ product addresses the need for clinical NGS testing to set standards for bioinformatics analyses through the use of quality policies. omnomicsQ implements quality control best practices. Regular use provides the first line of defense against quality issues. Improved quality reflects positively on costs and time, adherence to industry best practices leads to a reduction in high-risk events. Greater visibility and traceability provides the ability to follow, report and alert, and hence make better and earlier decisions. omnomicsQ takes innovative approach by combining the 3 steps of NGS quality control and automatizing the process. It is a first in the market tool which does not require extensive bioinformatics knowledge, is automatized and easy to use.

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