Biocartis – molecular diagnostics solutions

Biocartis is a biotech company delivering innovative solutions to the pharmaceutical and healthcare market. Biocartis provides highly automated instruments in combination with novel and broadly applicable molecular diagnostic assays, thus facilitating personalized molecular testing.

Biocartis – molecular diagnostics solutions


Biocartis is an innovative molecular diagnostics company providing next generation diagnostic solutions. Biocartis provides direct access to personalized medicine for patients worldwide by developing fully integrated and broadly applicable molecular diagnostics. Biocartis develops Idylla platform, a fully automated, real time system offering accurate, highly-reliable molecular information from any biological sample. Indeed, Idylla is able to detect and quantify multiple DNA or RNA-based biomarkers in a wide variety of patient sample types. Thus, Idylla addresses the growing demand for personalized medicine by allowing fast and effective treatment selection and treatment progress monitoring. Furthermore, Idylla BRAF Mutation Test detects BRAF mutations directly from FFPE tissue sections in 90 minutes with less than 2 minutes hands-on time. Additionally, Idylla KRAS Mutation Assay detects KRAS mutations directly from FFPE tissue sections. And Biocartis is currently developing an Idylla NRAS Mutation Test.

Biocartis is headquartered in Mechelen (Belgium) and employs approximately 200 people. Executive Team is composed by Rudi Pauwels, Hilde Windels, Ulrik Cordes, Joris Schuurmans, Geert Maertens, Chris Heymans, Luc Van Hove, Erwin Sablon, Chris Gabriels, Amit Bose and Ann De Meulenaere. Board of Directors is composed by Rudi Pauwels, Rudi Mariën, Domenico Valerio, Tom Gibbs, Christine Deuschel, Staf Van Reet, Ruth Devenyns, Roald Borré, Raj Parekh, Bolger Jeanne and Nick Sturley. Scientific Advisory Board is composed by Geert Maertens, Eric Van Cutsem, Josep Tabernero, Alberto Bardelli, Patrick Pauwels, Pasi Jänne and Michael Press. Biocartis is developing a rapidly expanding test menu addressing key unmet clinical needs in oncology and infectious diseases. Both areas represent attractive segments of the US$5 billion molecular diagnostics market (expected to grow to US$8 billion in 2018).

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