F2G – antifungal R&D

F2G is an established biotech company focusing on the discovery and development of new antifungal drugs.

F2G – antifungal R&D


The Antifungal Market is currently of US$6 billion with consistent annual growth. This market is currently served by only three major drug classes, triazoles, polyenes and, echinocandins. The market for systemic antifungals is driven by increases in the susceptible immune compromised patient population. Increases in cancer, organ transplants and use of potent drugs, including broad spectrum antibiotics has led to significant increases in fungal infections. Fungi are now recognized as a major issue in several respiratory conditions, which will undoubtedly increase the use of antifungal drugs over the coming years. Therefore, the potential of the antifungal market is very high, with sales of fluconazole and terbinafine already at US$ 1billion, voriconazole (US$ 800M), itraconazole (US$ 900M), caspofungin (US$ 600M) and Ambisome (US$ 400M).

F2G is serving the current unmet medical need by developing drugs targeting the most difficult to treat fungi, especially those with the highest mortality rates. Through its proprietary genomics technology and antifungal screening activities, F2G already identified several novel chemical series with potent antifungal activity. Currently F2G is advancing its F3 series of anti mould compounds. This novel class of antifungal agents acts through a completely new mechanism different from all currently marketed drugs. The F3 series displays highly potent activity against clinically relevant aspergilli and many other important pathogenic moulds. F901318 is being developed by F2G as an oral therapy to treat invasive aspergillosis and other life-threatening fungal infections. F901318 is highly active against all known azole-resistant aspergilli. The discovery and development of F901318 represents a major advance in the treatment of serious fungal disease. The prestigious £1.4 million Biomedical Catalyst award will allow F2G to accelerate F901318 ‘s development and entry into Phase II trials.

F2G is an established UK biotech company with a dedicated team of experienced scientists from a wide variety of research and drug development backgrounds. Management Team is composed by Ian Nicholson, Mike Birch, Anja König, Christopher Wright, John Rex, Sten Verland, Richard White and Raj Parekh.

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F2G – antifungal drugs – triazoles – polyenes – echinocandins – F3 series – aspergilla – F901318

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