Lumora – innovative molecular diagnostics

Lumora is a biotech company applying its proprietary technology to propose innovative molecular diagnostics in sample preparation, amplification and detection. Lumora aims to reduce the complexity of molecular testing.

Lumora – innovative molecular diagnostics


Lumora has developed two proprietary sample collection and extraction technologies that enable the simultaneous collection, rapid lysis preservation and isolation of amplifiable quality nucleic acids from viral, bacterial and human sample types. This Heat Elution (HE) technology is significantly quicker and easier to operate than traditional sample preparation technology.  And the second technology, RapidMag, enables the isolation and concentration of viral RNA in a 3-step, 20 minute process. Furthermore, Lumora’s BART (Bioluminescent Assay in Real Time) technology has been exclusively licensed to 3M for the molecular testing of food in its latest innovation, the 3M Molecular Detection System. Furthermore, Lumora and Promega have signed a supply agreement for the use of Promega’s Ultra-Glo luciferase in BART molecular diagnostics technology in the first commercial molecular diagnostic application for Promega’s Ultra-Glo luciferase.

Thanks to its proprietary Next Generation Quantification applications (NGQ), Lumora has been developing a robust, low-cost and easy to use assay for HIV. This novel approach includes the RapidMag extraction technology, STEM primers, Lumora’s Novel Isothermal Amplification and the BART reporter system. Lumora has also developed a Clostridium difficile test as an example of how its technology can be applied to the detection and identification of organisms associated with Hospital acquired infections (HAI). This C. difficile assay is an integrated sample preparation system and in vitro diagnostic test combined, for the direct detection of Clostridium difficile in human stool samples in patients suspected of having C. difficile -Associated Disease (CDAD).

Lumora was founded in 2002 by Laurence Tisi and Professor Jim Murray as a spin-out from the Institute of Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge (UK). Lumora’s investors include Cambridge Enterprise, Tate Lyle Ventures LP, and Catapult Venture Managers Ltd. Management Team is composed by Laurence Tisi (CEO), Hayden Jeffreys and Rob Sprawson. Lumora is active in developing commercial partnerships with organizations, including international biotechnology, clinical diagnostic and industrial microbiology companies. For instance, Lumora has partnered with FIND to develop a rapid, high-throughput malaria diagnostic assay for screening patients in the developing world.

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