Genetic Signatures – molecular diagnostics

Genetic Signatures is a biotech company specialized in molecular diagnostics. Genetic Signatures has released its proprietary platform technology, 3Base, leading to seveal real-time PCR based products for the routine detection of infectious diseases named EasyScreen. This proprietary technology enables the screening of a wide array of infectious pathogens with a high degree of specificity in a rapid time to result manner.

Genetic Signatures – molecular diagnostics

Genetic Signature

Genetic Signatures is pioneer of the bisulphite method used to distinguish methylated cytosine (Methyl C) residues from unmethylated cytosine (C) residues in DNA. This technology serves to identify methylation patterns in the DNA, but also to simplify DNA sequences. Indeed, in unmethylated DNA, the bisulphite method converts all cytosines (C) into thymidine (T), so that cytosines disappear from the sequence. This results in the conversion of a 4 base pair sequence into a 3 base pair sequence, refered to “3base” DNA or RNA. By eliminating one of the four naturally occurring bases, 3base technology is unique in its ability to simplify the detection of an entire class of microbial species, thus providing a new generation screening methodology called EasyScreen. EasyScreen Detection Kits simultaneously detect a larger number of pathogen targets in a shorter time than conventional methods. EasyScreen Detection Kit protocols are compatible with all major real-time PCR instruments and each kit comes complete with extraction and internal. Genetic Signatures also developed MethylEasy Kits to analyze DNA bisulphite modifications.

Genetic Signatures was founded in 2001 by Geoffrey Grigg and has now a broad patent portfolio covering its core technologies. Genetic Signatures is governed by a Board of Directors composed by John Melki (CEO), Doug Millar (CSO), Nick Samaras, Robert Birrell, Mike Aicher, Phillip Isaacs and Pat Noland. Principal Advisors of this biotech company are Gregory Winter, Jim Peacock, William Rawlinson and Christopher Abbott.

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Genetic Signatures – molecular diagnostics – 3Base – real-time PCR – EasyScreen

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