SwitchGear Genomics – genomic regulation

SwitchGear Genomics offers cell-based screening services and tools to analyze the human genome and its regulatory elements.

SwitchGear Genomics – genomic regulation

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SwitchGear Genomics proposes a full screening service to validate the 3’UTR targets of miRNAs. Using a genome-wide collection of human 3’UTRs cloned into an optimized luciferase reporter vector, SwitchGear Genomics’ in-house experts can validate the targets of any miRNA of interest with highly potent high-throughput cell-based assay. LightSwitch miRNA mimics and inhibitors are powerful tools to study the function of miRNAs. LightSwitch miRNA mimics are chemically optimized synthetic double-stranded RNA acting as functional equivalents of the endogenous human miRNAs. LightSwitch miRNA mimic can be transfected into cell lines to study the effects of over-expressing a miRNA. The combination of LightSwitch mimics and inhibitors with 3’UTR reporters provides a fully integrated system for validating the 3’UTR targets of any miRNAs of interest.

SwitchGear Genomics’ service allows customers to clone any fragment from mouse, human or rat genome into LightSwitch luciferase reporter vectors (promoter, 3’ UTR, long-range element, 5’ UTR, etc…). SwitchGear Genomics also proposes custom mutagenesis (mutations up to five consecutives bases) to create any sequence variant from existing LightSwitch reporter vectors. SwitchGear Genomics offers cell-based screening services to measure the effects of any compounds on a variety of biological pathways. This unique collection of 48 validated human promoter reporter vectors allows the measurement of gene expression changes associated with 11 disease-related biological pathways.

SwitchGear Genomics was founded by Nathan Trinklein, Richard Myers and Shelley Force Aldred from Stanford University in 2006. In March, 2013, SwitchGear Genomics was acquired by Active Motif, a company specialized in innovative tools for epigenetics and gene regulation research. SwitchGear Genomics is based in USA, Belgium, China and Japan. A fundamental goal of SwitchGear is the identification of novel functional elements in the human genome and to develop this genomic content into novel high-throughput cell-based functional assays.

More about SwitchGear Genomics : http://switchgeargenomics.com/

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