Ribomed – biomarker detection

RiboMed is a molecular diagnostic company providing genetic and epigenetic biomarker tests for Personalized Medicine. RiboMed uses its proprietary and patented technologies for methylated DNA isolation and quantification (MethylMagnet and MethylMeter) and biomarker detection (Abscription).

Ribomed – biomarker detection


RiboMed develops products for the detection of SNPs, CpG methylation, DNA, RNA, and protein using its proprietary Abscription signal amplification technology. Abscription (Abortive Transcription) is a strong isothermal signal amplification reaction that can be used alone for detection of biomarkers or coupled to target amplification systems (like PCR or Loop Mediated Amplification (LAMP)). Abscription involves the reiterative synthesis of short RNA Abscripts (abortive transcripts), produced by the Abscriptase RNA polymerase and rapidly generating thousands of detectable and quantifiable abscripts per target molecule per minute. This Abscription technology is ideally suited for MultiVariate BioMarker Analysis (the detection of multiple different types of targets in a single sample). Abscription based tests provide speed and sensitivity not reachable with target amplification technologies alone. Detection can be formatted for real time fluorescence, capillary electrophoresis, mass spectrometry or rapid thin layer chromatography.

Ribomed develops MethylMagnet CpG DNA Isolation Kits, which are rapidly and specifically isolating Methylated DNA. The entire protocol requires less than 2 hours and DNA comes off the column ready to go directly into MethylMeter assays. MethylMeter assays are bisulfite-free, rapid tests for CpG Island Methylation. High sensitivity allows multiple islands to be analyzed with very few starting DNA: coupled with MethylMagnet, 50 islands can be analyzed from just 100 ng of starting DNA. Ribomed also provides a number of unlabeled dinucletides and some fluorescent or biotin labeled dinucleotides, as well as some NTP analogs (like 3’O-Methyl-NTP) that serve as transcription terminators with many RNAP polymerases.

RiboMed is a privately held molecular diagnostics company, founded in 1999 by Michelle Hanna (CEO). Board of Directors and management Team also include David Brown, Garth Splinter, Max Gottesman, Mario Capecchi, Edward Gelmann, David Alberts and David McCarthy. The strong commercial potential of Abscription has been recognized by 9M$ in government grants, as well as by the Frost and Sullivan’s Biological Detection Technologies Excellence in Research award. RiboMed also has a strong intellectual property position, with several patents for disease biomarker detection using Abscription.

More about RiboMed : www.ribomed.com

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