SeqWright – next generation genomics

SeqWright is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) specialized in providing a variety of genomic services, including molecular biology, nucleic acid technology, microarray, next generation genomics, etc…

SeqWright – next generation genomics


With 20 years of Genomics experience, SeqWright has a strong reputation for quality service and technical expertise to customize services meeting individual’s needs. SeqWright is CLIA certified and GLP compliant, thus providing FDA and GLP-level services. SeqWright consistently provides high quality results with fast turn-around times, including complete start-to-finish project management with customized analysis and data reporting. SeqWright also offers customized Next-Generation Sequencing on Roche 454 GS-FLX Titanium and FLX Plus platforms.  Roche 454 technology provides extremely in-depth coverage, allowing the detection of very low percentage target sequences. Roche 454 platform has a limit of detection as low as 1% and can be used as a reference method to validate low percentage samples like SNP analysis in tumor samples.

The discovery of Nucleic Acid Biomarkers is proving to be an extremely valuable tool in the development of new disease therapies. By identifying genetic variations associated with disease, powerful insights into the nature of the disease can be gained. SeqWright provides numerous tools for the detection and characterization of Nucleic Acid-based Biomarkers. For instance, SeqWright’s Affymetrix Microarrays service is GLP-compliant and CLIA certified for handling patient samples, and provide genome-wide SNP genotyping and quantitative analysis of genomic copy number variants (CNVs) for multiple applications. These Microarray services include drug metabolism analysis, expression profiling, cytogenetics, SNP genotyping, Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS), Chromosome Copy Number, etc… and starting materials include a wide range of samples (blood, tissue, cells, mRNA, total RNA, etc…).

Since 1994, SeqWright has provided reliable DNA sequencing, genomic analysis and molecular biology services. SeqWright’s Professional Staff is composed by Thomas Bradford and Meredith Berry. Founded by John Belmont and Richard Gibbs, SeqWright was acquired in 2012 by Clarient Diagnostic, a GE Healthcare Company.

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