Covaris – sample preparation by focused-ultrasonication

Covaris is a biotech company innovating in sample preparation thanks to its focused-ultrasonication technologies. This Covaris AFA process and its high level of experimental condition control enable high quality sample preparation for biotech and biopharma research.

Covaris – sample preparation by focused-ultrasonication


Covaris Focused-ultrasonicators enable the delivery of highly-controlled and focused acoustic energy to sample preparations. Focused-ultrasonicators standardize sample preparation for a variety of applications (RNA extraction, DNA shearing for Next-Gen sequencing, cell lysis, protein extraction, compound management, chromatin shearing, etc…). Adaptive Focused Acoustics (AFA) technology is non-contact and isothermal, providing processing performance and recoveries unmatched. Covaris’ focused-ultrasonicators range from personal use to high-throughput systems, including single- or multi-samples, parallel-processing configurations, etc…

The cryoPREP Extraction System integrates the tissue processing workflow from point-of-collection flash freezing to biochemical extraction with AFA focused-ultrasonicators. The tissueTUBE Systems process tissue samples and extract biomolecules from a wide range of tissue samples. The t-PREP System is designed to extract biomarkers from small tissue samples like needle biopsies. cryoPREP Impactors are available as manual and automated tools for the cryofracture of frozen tissue samples in the tissueTUBEs and t-PREP Devices.

Covaris also developed truXTRAC, a solution utilizing its AFA technology to extract nucleic acids from FFPE tissues very efficiently. Paraffin is actively removed from the FFPE tissue sample by the finely controlled and reproducible acoustic energy provided by Covaris Focused-ultrasonicators. The highly simplified workflow of truXTRAC ensures high yield extraction of nucleic acids and allows the integration with NGS and other molecular applications. Whole genome sequencing resulting from Covaris extracted FFPE DNA generates coverage uniformity similar to DNA extracted from fresh frozen tissues. Coding and non-coding DNA regions are extracted with the same efficiency with Covaris truXTRAC, thus promoting an unbiased library preparation.

Covaris’ truChIP Chromatin Shearing Kits bring the advantages of Focused-ultrasonication directly to your Chromatin Immunoprecipitation assays, increasing sensitivity and reproducibility. truChIP Kits are available in multiple configurations optimized for specific ChIP assay needs (Low Cell Kits, High Cell Kits, Tissue Kits for tissue samples, etc…). The High Cell and Low Cell Kits are available with either SDS or Non-ionic shearing buffers, providing a complete flexibility in your downstream immunoprecipitations and analysis.

Founded in 1998, Covaris is a privately held technology company headquartered in Woburn (USA) and recently created a European office in Brighton (UK) named Covaris Ltd. This biotech company has over 30 patents granted and pending and Covaris continues to innovate pre-analytical sample preparation technologies to help accelerate research and drug discovery.

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