Histalim – in situ hybridization and histology

Histalim is a service provider company in histology, immunohistochemistry (IHC), in situ hybridization (ISH), and image analysis. Its laboratory located in Montpellier was founded in 2005 while its sale offices in Berlin were opened in 2014. This positioning shows its willingness to meet the increasing demand to design, develop, and validate protocols based on standard and/or innovative techniques.

Histalim – in situ hybridization and histology


Historically, Histalim’s activities were the detection of frauds in cooked dishes for food industry, using histological processes. Histalim quickly developed services to provide its expertise in the biotechnology domains. Therefore Histalim works with various professionals from pharmaceutic, agro-food, and cosmetic industries… Histalim’s specialized services take part in research and development projects for pharmaceutic products, medical devices, and diagnostic tools… and in other domains like dermo-cosmetic, ecotoxicity, food industry… Histalim is particularly engaged in the development of new therapies in the domains of oncology and chronic diseases (i.e. therapeutic antibody) and new generation diagnostic tools (i.e. circulating biomarkers). Histalim positions its strategic growth specifically in the development of therapeutic antibodies issues.

Histalim’s activities are conformed to Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and its laboratory is authorized to perform studies with human tissue samples. Histalim can also offer to perform in-house research and development projects. This particularity allows this biotech company to provide some customized services with innovative technologies. Histalim can provide a wide range of expert services like Tissue Cross Reactivity (TCR) studies, Tissue MicroArray (TMA), and Fluorescent ISH (FISH)… Its laboratory is equipped with a histological slide scanner platform which allows to work with virtual high resolution images and provides some customized image analysis tools. This new technology offers the opportunity to perform digital pathology studies with its pathologists’ network.

Histalim gives a great importance to select the best collaborative partners for the projects that require some associated technologies. Histalim can thus manage projects with the best resources to gain in efficacy and reactivity. Main partners are academic teams, tissue biobanks, pathologists, private laboratories with expert skills (i.e. genomic, proteomic, electronic microscopy…).

More about this biotech company: www.histalim.com

Histalim – in situ hybridization and histology

Histalim – in situ hybridization – histology – hybridization – immunohistochemistry – IHC – ISH – Good Laboratory Practices – GLP – Tissue Cross Reactivity – TCR – Tissue MicroArray – TMA – Fluorescent ISH – FISH