CiMaas – cellular immonotherapy

CiMaas BV is a biotech company developing cellular immunotherapy for specific groups of cancer patients. CiMaas focuses on the development of two unique products: a cancer vaccine using the patient’s own immune (dendritic) cells and the production of donor natural killer cells. These methods can help to treat many oncological diseases.

CiMaas – cellular immonotherapy


CiMaas is a startup biotech company focused on the development of immune cell therapy for cancer patients. CiMaas’ lead products are a dendritic cell vaccine ready to be validated and tested in clinical trials and natural killer (NK) cells obtained from healthy donors that have already proven in rodent studies to demonstrate great anti-tumor activity. CiMaas has a developed a proprietary maturation procedure that is expected to produce a highly effective dendritic cell product. NK cells will be produced by CiMaas using a specific device that allows for production of high numbers of these cells needed in patients with cancer. CiMaas is building up an immune therapy pipeline to develop this technology. This pipeline might partly be based on R&D activities. CiMaas will initially focus on lung cancer and multiple myeloma (MM, a type of bone marrow cancer also known as Kahler’s disease). Both will be clinically tested in patients from January 2017.

Recently, CiMaas BV and PharmaCell BV enter a collaborative agreement. Ci-Maas and PharmaCell BV, a leading Contract Manufacturing Organization for Cellular Therapies and Regenerative Medicine in Europe, have agreed to collaborate in the clinical development of Ci-Maas’ products. PharmaCell will provide consulting services on writing GMP-compliant documents for the purpose of translating the Ci-Maas cell therapy processes into GMP.

CiMaas BV is headquartered in Maastricht (Netherlands). Ci-Maas is a spin-off of Maastricht University/Maastricht University Medical Centre+ (UM/Maastricht UMC+). Management Team is composed by Gerard Bos, Wilfred Germeraad, Yvo Graus and Mathijs Kruk.

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