Integrated DNA Technologies – custom oligonucleotides

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) is a leading provider of custom oligonucleotides.

Integrated DNA Technologies – custom oligonucleotides

Integrated DNA Technologies

Given a known DNA sequence, researchers can easily design a short oligonucleotide that can be used to perform a variety of tasks. This short synthetic piece of DNA (usually around 20 bases long) can be used to bind or find its matching sequence even in a complex mixture of millions of unrelated pieces of DNA. It is this unique property that allows scientists to decode and study the genetic makeup of any living organism. This short single-stranded DNA oligonulceotides are very useful for diagnostic tests for genetic diseases, infectious diseases, etc… Living systems are not able to discriminate DNA that is synthesized chemically from DNA taken from a natural organism, allowing researchers to use IDT’s custom made oligonucleotides for their research. Integrated DNA Technologies is a biotech company manufacturing oligonucleotides using chemical DNA synthesis machines designed and built in-house. Integrated DNA Technologies has a very powerful process. Indeed, they can receive an order as late as 1:00pm and have the desired oligonucleotide in the researcher’s hands the next morning! Every oligonucleotide is deprotected and desalted to remove small molecule impurities. Desalted custom oligos are shipped dried down or hydrated according to the researcher’s specifications. Oligonucleotides are quantified twice by UV spectrophotometry and assessed by mass spectrometry for quality control. Integrated DNA Technologies manufactures a complete range of high fidelity DNA products for synthetic biology applications: from the highest quality oligonucleotides to complete cloned gene products. For instance, Integrated DNA Technologies proposes gBlocks Gene Fragments. This high-fidelity, double-stranded DNA fragments can be 125 to 2000 bp long and is very useful for gene assembly, qPCR standards, genome editing, etc… Integrated DNA Technologies also offers sequence-verified genes constructed, delivered ready to use in a cloning vector, from 25 bp to 2 Mb.

Integrated DNA Technologies has headquarters in USA, Belgium, UK, Germany, Australia and Singapore. IDT is currently the largest manufacturer of custom oligonucleotides in the USA by maintaining the highest standards of quality, service, and technical know-how. IDT’s customers range from small university labs to global pharmaceutical companies.

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