BMG Labtech – microplate readers

BMG Labtech is a leading provider of innovative, high-quality, and reliable microplate readers.

BMG Labtech – microplate readers

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BMG Labtech is committed to produce microplate readers for more than twenty years. BMG Labtech has developed a broad range of multi-mode microplate readers for research and high-throughput screening. BMG Labtech also created an extensive software package to provide all of the requirements needed to run a microplate reader and to analyze the huge amount of data. BMG Labtech also proposes a wide array of general and specialized filters and optic modules that can be used in different microplate reader applications. The PHERAstar FS is the ultimate multi-mode microplate reader for high-throughput screening. PHERAstar FS combines the highest sensitivity with the fastest read times. Thanks to its unique Optic Module system, UV/Vis spectrometer, Simultaneous Dual Emission, and dedicated AlphaScreen and TRF Lasers, the PHERAstar FS will perform any analyze with ease and speed, even in 3456-well microplates. SPECTROstar Nano is an ultra-fast, full UV/Vis spectrum absorbance microplate reader with cuvette port. This innovative absorbance microplate reader has the flexibility to perform assays both in microplates or via the built-in cuvette port. This spectrometer-based absorbance microplate reader captures a full UV-visible spectrum in less than 1 sec/well. SPECTROstar Nano is the ideal microplate reader for absorbance measurements thanks to its speed, simple push button operation, and capacity to store individual assay protocols. The LUMIstar Omega is BMG Labtech’s powerful dedicated luminescence microplate reader and provides highly sensitive flash and glow assay readings. This dedicated microplate luminometer is upgradeable to a multi-mode microplate reader. LUMIstar Omega is DLReady-certified and can also be equipped with Simultaneous Dual Emission for BRET applications. NEPHELOstar Plus is the world’s first laser-based microplate nephelometer developed to meet high-throughput demands for fast compound solubility screens. NEPHELOstar Plus is able to detect insoluble particles in liquid samples by measuring forward scattered light and can be used for drug solubility screening, turbidity measurements, microbial growth, protein binding kinetics, and petroleum process control.

BMG Labtech was founded in Offenburg (Germany) in 1989 and has now offices in Germany, USA, UK, Japan, Australia, and France. BMG Labtech’s staff includes engineers and scientists from biology, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, and physics.

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