Affymetrix – genomic analysis

Affymetrix is a leader in genomic analysis, helping researchers to identify biomarkers for personalized medicine, to create novel molecular diagnostic tests, etc…

Affymetrix – genomic analysis


Affymetrix provides innovative technologies enabling multiplex and parallel analysis of biological systems (genes, proteins or cells) and thus facilitating the rapid translation of results into underlying disease mechanisms. Affymetrix microarray solutions include all necessary components for a successful microarray experiment (from reagents and arrays to software and instruments), providing a complete range of solutions to researchers’ needs (from DNA to RNA, from few samples to thousands of samples or genome-wide analysis). Affymetrix’s QuantiGene line of products (QuantiGene Plex, QuantiGene ViewRNA, etc…) offer assays in the low- to mid-plex range to validate protein or gene expression data. QuantiGene are automatable, cost-effective assays available in flexible formats and providing greater accuracy and precision compared to traditional PCR amplification methods. Affymetrix also offers a wide selection of products and kits for molecular biology applications (cloning, RNA analysis, DNA sequencing, protein analysis, HotStart-IT, CytoScan Dx Assay, OncoScan FFPE Assay Kit, etc…). For instance, ExoSAP-IT for PCR product cleanup is a single-step, enzymatic cleanup that efficiently removes primers and dNTPs prior to DNA sequencing.

Affymetrix has more than 1.000 employees worldwide and maintains sales and distribution operations across Europe, Asia, North America and South America. Affymetrix’s Directors include Stephen Fodor, Frank Witney, Nelson Chan, Gary Guthart, Jami Dover Nachtsheim, Robert Trice and Robert Wayman. Management Team is composed by Frank Witney, Gavin Wood, David Weber, Andrew Last, Siang Chin, Tracy Ting, Laurent Bellon, Kim Caple, Daniel St. Louis, Dara Grantham Wright and Joe Magro. Affymetrix already acquired several companies : eBioscience (in 2012), Panomics (2008), True Materials (2008), USB Corporation (2007), ParAllele BioScience (2005), Neomorphic (2000) and Genetic MicroSystems (2000). This extensive portfolio of translational and clinical solutions enables Affymetrix to propose a wide range of technical solutions helping researchers identifying new biomarkers, creating novel molecular diagnostic tests or improving genetic marker-assisted breeding programs in agriculture.

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