CS Bio – peptide synthesizers

CS Bio is a biotech company focused on providing peptide synthesizers and custom peptides to the life sciences community for over 20 years.

CS Bio – peptide synthesizers

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As the world of biotechnology continues to use peptides more and more in the fields of vaccines, therapeutics, drug discovery, bioengineering or nanotechnology, CS Bio has a long-standing commitment to high quality custom peptide production. Whether your requirement is for catalog peptides, custom peptides or extremely high quality cGMP produced peptides, CS Bio’s goal is to provide high quality peptides at a very reasonable price. CS Bio is able to produce kilograms of extremely high purity peptides, with a specialty in difficult peptides and peptide modifications. CS Bio’s manufacturing equipment includes small and large scale automated peptide synthesizers (CS Bio), preparative and analytical HPLC systems (Agilent, Varian) and freeze driers (Virtis). CS Bio’s Quality Control equipment includes analytical HPLCs (Agilent), elemental analyzer (Perkin Elmer), mass spectrometer (Thermo) and gas chromatograph (Agilent).

CS Bio proposes a wide range of Peptide Synthesizer models. CS336X is a cost effective small scale synthesizer, which can be used for research and development, peptides for screening or peptide analog libraries. CS136XT is a mid scale synthesizer for small scale production while the CS536XT is designed for small scale, single batch manufacturing of peptides. The CS936 Series systems (CS936S, CS936, CS936X) are the leading manufacturing scale peptide synthesizers in the industry. They are fully validated for cGMP manufacturing and able to produce enough peptide resin to yield multi kilograms of purified peptide in a single batch.

CS Bio was founded in 1993 and has now headquarters in Basel (Switzerland), St. Didier au Mont d’Or (France), Menlo Park (USA), Mumbai (India) and Shanghai (China). CS Bio has a full scale, FDA inspected peptide production laboratory and holds a Drug Manufacturing License from the USA. CS Bio’s complete line of automated peptide synthesizers can be found in laboratories from research organizations to manufacturing facilities worldwide. CS Bio has grown to meet the increased demand for peptides for research, clinical trials and peptide APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients).

More about CS Bio: www.csbio.com

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