ForteBio – analytical systems for biomolecular interactions

ForteBio is a biotech company developing analytical systems for the real-time analysis of biomolecular interactions in micro-volume sample sizes. ForteBio is a worldwide specialist for protein quantification and characterization of protein-protein interactions, thus providing valuable information on affinity, kinetics, and concentration.

ForteBio – analytical systems for biomolecular interactions


ForteBio products enable researchers to perform quick and easy characterization of protein samples. Octet System allows high throughput biomolecular interactions analysis. Octet systems enable real-time, label-free analysis for determination of kinetics, affinity and concentration. The Octet platform includes instruments, reagents, biosensors and assay kits for analysis of biomolecular interactions in 96- and 384-well microplates. Thanks to Octet platform, characterization of drug candidates is significantly easier, faster and better, providing greater value in drug development applications. BLItz System is a personal protein analysis system, bringing label-free analysis to individual researchers. BLItz System is affordably priced and allows running protein quantitation and kinetics experiments in only 4 ┬ÁL of sample. The Optim 2 System is designed to probe multiple protein stability-indicating parameters at high speed using ultra-low sample volumes. Optim 2 provides static light scattering and intrinsic fluorescence detection technologies, including results controlled by an all-new easy-to-use and intuitive software package. The Optim 2 system simultaneously measures a range of protein stability-indicating parameters (aggregation onset temperature (Tagg), unfolding transition temperature (Tm) and rates of aggregation). Therefore, the Optim 2 system gives a greater insight into identifying the candidate molecules or formulations with the most favorable properties much earlier in the development process.

ForteBio is a subsidiary of Pall Corp. and a division of Pall Life Sciences. Pall Life Sciences brands now include Octet, ForteBio, BLItz, Sidekic and Dip and Read biosensors. ForteBio has headquarters in the USA, UK and China. ForteBio uses proprietary Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) to create self-calibrating, simple-to-use instruments to measure molecular interactions. Thanks to ForteBio , an entire analysis can be completed in minutes and does not require labeling of the probe or the target.

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