Fios Genomics – bioinformatics data analysis services

Fios Genomics is a biotech company providing a wide range of bioinformatics data analysis services to Biopharma, CRO and academic labs for applied research across all species.

Fios Genomics – bioinformatics data analysis services

Fios Genomics


Fios Genomics provides an easy access to in-house bioinformaticians, biologists and statisticians working together to analyze and interpret your proteomic, transcriptomic or genomic data. Fios Genomics is specialized in high dimensional and multi-variant datasets, therefore recognizing patterns associated with disease or drug response. Thus, using robust statistics and pathway analysis, Fios Genomics reveals the biological meaning of your experiments. Fios Genomics’ proprietary computer solutions allow the analysis of large datasets to be parallelized, thus saving processing time and avoiding lots of complications arising with data analyzed in batches. Fios Genomics don’t just generate more data in the form of a list of genes. Fios Genomics also delivers results in a clear and relevant context for clients. Fios Genomics gives you access to supercomputer technology and is backing up analysis with robust statistics and a rigorous QC.

Fios Genomics offers a wide range of microarray analysis services including analysis of gene expression profiling data from the main commercial microarray providers (Illumina, Affymetrix, RocheNimblegen, Agilent) as well custom microarray platforms and exon arrays. Fios Genomics also provides epigenetic analysis services (DNA methylation profiling, ChIP-on-chip analysis, etc…) to identify factors regulating expression of genes or biomarkers implicated in disease or drug response. Furthermore, Fios Genomics proposes a full range of SNP genotyping services (Linkage disequilibrium, SNP filtering, Genotype calls, Genome-wide association studies (GWAS), Haplotype analysis and Copy number variation (CNV) analysis) but also services for RNAi and miRNA analysis. Fios Genomics offers a comprehensive range of services for the analysis of the latest Next Generation Sequencing technologies, including all of the major technology platforms for a wide range of applications (RNA-Seq, ChIP-seq, Methyl-Seq, GWAS, Exome analysis, etc…).

Fios Genomics is not only a specialist in genomic bioinformatics data analysis but also in proteomic and metabolomics. Indeed, Fios Genomics proposes a large range of analysis for data generated by state-of-the art proteomics technologies (protein arrays, SELDI-TOF MS, MALDI-TOF MS, Shotgun LC-MS/MS, etc…) allowing biomarker identification, protein identification, quantification and profiling. Metabolomics and metabolites analysis can be done by a combination of LC-MS and NMR, and enable better characterization of biological systems. Fios Genomics’ metabolomics services include metabolite identification, profiling, and quantification.

Fios Genomics is a biotech company based in Edinburgh (UK). Board of Directors is composed by Sandy Primrose, Sarah Lynagh, Martin Ramsay, Alistair Strachan, Peter Ghazal and Tom Freeman.

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