Valneva – innovative vaccines against infectious diseases

Valneva is a biotech company covering the full value chain from bench to market on innovative vaccines against infectious diseases.

Valneva – innovative vaccines against infectious diseases


Valneva is a biopharma company focusing on developing and commercializing vaccines. Valneva´s portfolio includes a commercial vaccine for the prevention of Japanese encephalitis (IXIARO). Japanese encephalitis (JE) is a deadly infectious disease found mainly in Asia, with around 68.000 cases occurring every year. Japanese encephalitis results in inflammation of the brain and is fatal in approximately 30% of individuals. Vaccination against JE is currently the best protection for travelers and military personnel. IXIARO is used to prevent the Japanese encephalitis virus infection and has been licensed in more than 35 countries. This next-generation vaccine is a purified, inactivated vaccine inducing the production of antibodies against the Japanese encephalitis disease. This vaccine was approved in Europe, USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Israel under the trade name IXIARO and also in New Zealand and Australia, where it is marketed as JESPECT. Valneva is currently developing proprietary vaccines against Clostridium difficile, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Lyme Borreliosis. A variety of partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies allow other vaccines to be developed using Valneva´s innovative technology platforms (EB66 vaccine production cell line, IC31 adjuvant, etc…).
Founded in 2013 through the merger of Intercell AG and Vivalis SA, Valneva is a biotech company now based in Lyon and Nantes (France), Vienna (Austria), Livingston (UK), Gaithersburg (USA) and Toyama (Japan) with approximately 270 employees. Management Board is composed by Thomas LINGELBACH (CEO), Franck GRIMAUD, Reinhard KANDERA (CFO), Frédéric GRIMAUD, Alexander VON GABAIN, Michel GRÉCO, Alain MUNOZ, James SULAT, Hans WIGZELL and Anne-Marie GRAFFIN. Valneva recently announces a capital increase of approximately 45M€. Valneva’s mission is to protect people from infectious diseases with innovative vaccines is also based on financial returns through focused R&D investments in promising product candidates.

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Valneva – innovative vaccines against infectious diseases – prevention Japanese encephalitis – IXIARO – JESPECT – EB66 vaccine production cell line – IC31 adjuvant

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