Keyence – microscopes and sensors

Keyence is an innovative leader in the development and manufacturing of automation and inspection equipment, mainly code readers, laser markers, machine vision systems, microscopes and sensors.

Keyence – microscopes and sensors


Keyence is a leading supplier of sensors, measuring systems, laser markers, microscopes, and machine vision systems. Keyence is developing innovative and reliable products to meet the needs of its customers worldwide. VHX-5000 series of digital microscope are an all-in-one microscope that incorporates observation, image capture, and measurement capabilities. Any user, regardless of their experience, can now obtain high-quality, fully-focused images in an instant. Furthermore, VK-X series are 3D Laser Scanning Microscopes. Moreover, VR-3000 series are One-shot 3D Measuring Macroscopes. This innovative VR-3000 Macroscope captures 3D surface data in seconds with just the push of a button. While conventional 3D measurement systems can only evaluate a few data points or lines, the VR Series is able to collect data on nearly 800.000 points in as little as four seconds. Additionally, BZ-X700 is an all-in-one fluorescence microscope. BZ-X700 allows to easily capture high-resolution images without the blurring caused by out-of-focus fluorescent signals. Optical sectioning allows to obtain images comparable to those captured on a laser confocal microscope, but in a fraction of the time and without the damaging effects of a laser. An incubation chamber can be installed inside of the BZ-X700, giving users the ability to perform live-cell experiments and capture time-lapse images. Multiple locations can be analyzed within a single experiment, and the system can produce fully-focused images, even when at high-magnification, using a Z-stack function. In addition to these world-class products, Keyence also offers a full range of services to further assist its customers.

Keyence is a biotech company founded in 1974 and headquartered in Itasca (USA). Keyence serves over 200.000 customers in 70 countries around the world. Keyence has been honored with a variety of awards (“World’s Most Innovative Companies” by Forbes, “1.000 Best Valued Companies” by Business Week, “Top 10 Excellent Companies in Japan” by Nikkei, etc…).

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Keyence – code readers – laser markers – machine vision systems – microscopes – sensors – macroscopes

Keyence – code reader – laser marker – machine vision system – microscope – sensor – macroscope – VHX-5000 – VK-X – VR-3000 – BZ-X700