Mind the Byte – SaaS for Drug Discovery

Mind the Byte is a bioinformatics company specialized in the development of scientific cloud solutions and services for the biomedical sciences.

Mind the Byte – SaaS for Drug Discovery

Mind the Byte

Mind the Byte develops and provides scientific cloud solutions and data analysis (computational chemistry, biopharma, cosmetics, agro, food and blue growth). Indeed, its computational drug discovery services aim to obtain faster results and reduce the cost of your drug research and discovery processes. Virtual profiling is the computational prediction of biological activity for a seed compound. Virtual profiling techniques are used to understand mechanisms of action, side effects and toxicity. Consistently, Virtual screening involves the application of computational tools to virtually screening libraries to find biosimilar or bioequivalent compounds. As a Technology Partner of Amazon Web Services, Mind the Byte offers scientific cloud solutions and platforms specially designed for any field of science. Its portfolio of personalized cloud platform services includes virtual high performance computing systems, scientific cloud software adaptation or development, attaching cloud computing systems to current infrastructure and the development of cloud management systems. SaaS (Software as a Service) is an alternative to the conventional method of buying software licenses and hardware that gives access to high-quality computational drug discovery software with no worries about installation or maintenance. SaaS solutions allow you to pay only for what you actually use. Mind the Byte proposes iMols, a complete cloud-based suite for drug discovery that integrates screening tools and chemical libraries. Furthermore, Hurakan is a 3D ligand-based virtual profiling tool run with cloud technology. Hurakan compares molecules by computing their similarity using methods that take into account both the properties of the molecule and the potential environment it would be in when acting on a target. Moreover, Cabrakan is 2D ligand-based virtual profiling software run on cloud technology. Cabrakan compares molecules by using 2D fingerprints and assigning biological activities through its internal algorithm. Additionally, Kucumatz is a hybrid of a SaaS and a personalized cloud solution designed for companies that require specific computers only occasionally.

Mind the Byte is a bioinformatics company headquartered in Barcelona (Spain) and was founded in February 2011. Management Team is composed by Alfons Nonell-Canals, Eduardo Santamaría, Melchor Sánchez-Martínez, Eloy Félix Manzanares, Maria Elena Garcia-Pujadas, Aníbal de Horna Garcia and Jesús Purroy. Board of directors is composed by Alfons Nonell-Canals, Xavier Castells, Marta Príncep, Albert Garcia-Pujadas and Galí Drudis-Solé. Mind the Byte has been selected to participate in some excellence programs (AWS startup challenge, BioemprenedorXXI, TEA Acceleration program, etc…). Mind the Byte is very active in Europe and regularly take parts in projects and consortiums within the H2020 framework. Mind the Byte is a Technology partner of Amazon Web Services and member of the Microsoft BizSpark Plus program, thus offering professional services and solutions specialized on the use of cloud technology for science.

More about Mind the Byte : www.mindthebyte.com

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