Mobidiag – molecular diagnostics

Mobidiag is a biotech company specialized in rapid diagnostics of infectious diseases. Mobidiag aims to improve healthcare quality and fight antimicrobial resistance by offering the cutting-edge molecular diagnostic methods.

Mobidiag – molecular diagnostics


Mobidiag develops reliable diagnostic assays by combining assay content design with leading platform and software technologies. Indeed, Mobidiag provides an innovative microarray-based Prove-it technology for early and accurate diagnosis of life-threatening pathogenic microbes causing severe infections. The Prove-it product line of in vitro diagnostic tests is based on PCR amplification followed by specific target identification on microarray, like Prove-it Sepsis and Prove-it Herpes. Moreover, Prove-it Bone&Joint identifies osteoarticular infection-causing bacteria directly from clinical sample without culturing, covering 60 bacteria (including Kingella kingae and antibiotic resistance markers for methicillin and vancomycin resistance detection). Mobidiag uses the most reliable microarray platforms, Prove-it TubeArray and Prove-it StripArray, providing high quality, ease-of-use, and robustness. Its proprietary bioinformatics software (Prove-it Advisor) automatically reports the pathogen identification. Furthermore, Prove-it Biobank is an integrated collection of biological materials, gene sequences, and in silico methods. The Amplidiag product line comprises products for gastrointestinal pathogens and utilizes well-established qPCR technology for optimal performance. For instance, Amplidiag C. difficile+027 identifies toxin-producing C. difficile and is able to differentiate between the hypervirulent 027 ribotype and non-027 ribotypes. Additionally, Amplidiag Bacterial GE identifies eight bacterial pathogens causing gastroenteritis without the need for pre-culturing.

Mobidiag Ltd, founded in 2001, is based in the medical campus of the University of Helsinki (Finland). Board of Directors is composed by Rabbe Klemets, Jean de Gunzburg, Robert Harju-Jeanty, Albert Hsia, Juha Kirveskari, Göran Pettersson and Tuomas Tenkanen (CEO). Thanks to its quality management system (QMS), Mobidiag delivers to the markets the best quality diagnostic products meeting customer and regulatory requirements. Furthermore, Mobidiag possesses ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certificates.

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