PolyActiva – drug-polymer conjugates

PolyActiva uses a unique drug-polymer conjugate technology enabling site specific drug delivery from medical device components (like films, implants or fibers).

PolyActiva – drug-polymer conjugates


PolyActiva developed a platform technology enabling the slow release and site-specific drug delivery directly to its site of action.  Upon the application of the treatment, complete erosion of the implant occurs leaving no residue following drug release. PolyActiva’s technology can be used to produce drug-delivery devices, new biomedical products or device components enabling delivery of drugs directly to the affected organ. These tools are produced from a proprietary drug-polymer conjugate technology representing a significant technological advance. PolyActiva’s technology involves the covalent attachment of the drug to a monomer unit via a selectively labile linker. The drug-monomer is then polymerized with suitable co-monomers or polymer segments (PEG, ELDI) giving a final polymer implant with the desired characteristics. This drug-polymer conjugate technology has higher drug loadings per mass of polymer than any technology currently available. Furthermore, drugs are released in active form that does not involve intermediates, and complete polymer erosion leaves no residue and with safe by-products (amino acids, glycerol,etc…). Thus, PolyActiva technology represents the next generation in drug-polymer conjugates.

PolyActiva’s product portfolio is composed of products with different risk profiles and at different stages of development. PolyActiva’s products are in pre-clinical development, including two ocular implant products. Indeed, PolyActiva is developing a fully bioerodible ocular implant against glaucoma, that is small enough to fit inside the lumen of a 23 gauge needle and that will release timolol and latanoprost over a 3-6 month period to substitute for daily administration of drops.

PolyActiva is a biotech company based in Melbourne (Australia). Board members include Chris Nave, James Williams, Russell Tait, Barrie Finnin and Andrew Donohue. PolyActiva was founded in 2010 and since its creation has secured 10 million of Australian Dollars of investments. PolyActiva is composed by a world class team of 6 scientists that provide the core chemistry capabilities of the company.

More about PolyActiva : www.polyactiva.com

PolyActiva – drug-polymer conjugate – drug delivery – covalent attachment – drug polymer conjugate

PolyActiva – drug-polymer conjugates – site-specific drug delivery – drug release – covalent – bioerodible – timolol – latanoprost – Chris Nave – James Williams – Russell Tait – Barrie Finnin – Andrew Donohue