Polygene – transgenic animal model development

PolyGene is a biotech company providing a complete range of gene targeting services in mice, including the full scope of target modification to generate constitutive or conditional knockouts, knock-ins of mutant alleles, humanized genes, marker genes, etc…

Polygene – transgenic animal model development


PolyGene is specialized in difficult-to-achieve targetings like large targets, manipulation of repetitive genes or unusual modifications. PolyGene generates a mouse model with a specifically altered gene on a specified strain background. Designed genes or BACs are injected into the pronucleus of the oocyte and integrate randomly into the genome. PolyGene offers microinjection services for a variety of mouse and rat strains (C57BL/6 mice, FVB mice, CB6F2 mice, Sprague Dawley rats, etc…). PolyGene also proposes to microinject clones from commercial sources. PolyGene offers two distinct, antibiotic-driven transgene expression systems for inducible transgenic mouse model projects: Erythromycin- inducible or Pristinamycin-inducible. Moreover, PolyGene also proposes a novel acetaldehyde-inducible transgenesis system, and on hormone-inducible expression systems (RU486).

GenoMouse Service : the Speed Congenics Service

PolyGene offers a tetranucleotide microsatellite-based screening of the mouse genetic background. GenoMouse service is an excellent tool for mouse geneticist, cutting by half the time of obtaining congenic mouse lines and giving certainty on the breeding success. The screening is achieved using sets of 96 markers evenly dispersed in a distance 20-40 Mbases over the 19 autosomal chromosomes. GenoMouse services are available for five commonly used mouse strain combinations (B6 versus 129, B6 vs. BalbC, B6 vs. FVB, B6 vs. DBA2 and B6 vs. NOD) and can be customized for other mouse strain pairs in 5-8 weeks.

PolyGene, founded in 2002, is a privately held biotech company located in Zurich (Switzerland). PolyGene is run by an international team of scientists with academic and industrial backgrounds. PolyGene has a strong IP portfolio, including patent rights on innovative antibiotic-inducible expression systems. PolyGene is one of the leading professional transgenic services in the world, with over 330 completed customer projects and more than 750 individual mouse lines generated to date.

More about Polygene : www.polygene.ch

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