Sirion Biotech – viral vector platforms

Sirion Biotech offers one of the most comprehensive viral vector technology platforms addressing all three major vector types (adenovirus, lentivirus and AAV). Services range from custom virus design to virus vector productions and cell modelling projects, including superior gene knockdown strategies (RNAiONE) and multicistronic expression systems.

Sirion Biotech – viral vector platforms

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Sirion Biotech is the Europe’s leading supplier of sophisticated viral vectors to both academia and industry. Sirion Biotech proposes unique and ready to use AAV expression plasmids to easily produce your own tissue specific AAV vectors. Sirion’s all-in-ONE vector system is combining multicistronic vector platform with TET-3G system, and thus enables tightest expression control without leakiness. Sirion Biotech also offers VariCHECK, an inducible expression switch from endogenous gene expression to a gene of your choice. In this VariCHECK, Sirion combines its potent RNAiONE knockdown platform and multicistronic vector systems to combine overexpression and knockdown events within the same cell at a fully customizable scale. Furthermore, LentiTHERAPY allows the transduction of hard-to-transduce cell types. LentiTHERAPY is a strong candidate for clinical development of T-cell therapies. Permeation of the virus into the cell is being enhanced with the LentiBOOST and LentiTHERAPY systems using only non-cytotoxic components. Moreover, AdenoONE is Sirion’s Adenovirus cloning system offering a refined solution using the large capacity of bacterial artificial chromosomes (BAC). AdenoONE allows for fast and convenient generation of recombinant adenovirus particles.
Sirion Biotech is a privately held company founded in Munich in 2007 and based in Germany and USA. Management Team is composed by CHRISTIAN THIRION (CTO), DIETER LINGELBACH (COO), MICHAEL SALOMON, KATHRIN SCHMITT and CARL CHRISTEL. With more than 400 viral vector projects over the last 3 years for more than 150 clients, Sirion Biotech can assist you in finding the perfect solution for your individual research and development project. Indeed, Sirion Biotech is able to present new solutions for viral vector systems in modern research, narrowing the gap between in vitro models and in vivo applications.

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