ReadyCell – easing your screening

ReadyCell is a biotech company providing sophisticated in vitro tools and R+D services for the ADME-Tox sector, including innovative cell-based and ready-to-use kits for testing of active molecules, as an alternative to animal testing. ReadyCell currently proposes a wide range of drug discovery applications for in vitro screening (metabolism, adsorption, toxicity assays, etc…).

ReadyCell – easing your screening


ReadyCell ready-to-use kits help researchers for efficacy and safety testing of active molecules as an alternative to animal testing. The kits can be stored and transported at room temperature, and easy to manipulate. ReadyCell kits provide robust and reliable results in a fast and efficient manner, thus reducing user’s time and costs, and allowing pharmaceutical and biotech companies to use human and material resources more efficiently, while optimizing the development cycle for new drugs. ReadyCell proposes a wide range of kits and services.

CacoReady is an innovative cell-based and ready-to-use kit consisting of 24 or 96 insert-integrated permeable support seeded with differentiated and polarized Caco-2 barriers on polycarbonate microporous filters. CacoReady allows in vitro intestinal absorption evaluation of drug targets with high reproductibility and adaptable to automated procedures and High Throughtput Screening. Thus CacoReady represents a time and cost-saving tool for early stage drug discovery and development.

ReadyTox are tools to assess toxicity and CYP450 metabolism, including IsocypTox (Human hepatic cell line transiently transduced with individual human CYP450 isoforms, allowing detection and screening of biotransformation-mediated toxicity) and HepatoReady (fresh and cryopreserved human hepatocytes in Ready-to-Use format for toxicity and metabolic assessment).

PreadyPort includes different types of approaches to transporter studies, including FDA and EMA recommended models to better understand drug transport, i.e. MDCKII based models of active transport in Ready-to-Use format.

ReadyWell is a simple device that allows handling of multiple single transwells at the same time, thus saving time and reducing handling incidents. ReadyWell also reduces transwell and cell membrane perturbations due to manipulations. This smart tool is adaptable to automated procedures and easy to sterilize/autoclave.

Readycell is a biotech company established in 2011 and equally owned by Advancell and Technological LEITAT group, combining the vast know-how and expertise of both entities in the biotechnology field. Readycell takes advantage of these synergies to create a highly competitive biotech company. ReadyCell is focused in providing its technical solutions to the broadest market, easing and standardizing ADME/Tox and cosmetic protocols across the globe. ReadyCell is open to collaborate with new distributors to spread out its high quality products, thus allowing the establishment of productive relationships.

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