AptSci – aptamer solutions

AptSci is dedicated to develop aptamer technologies to generate high quality aptamers in a wide range of applications (research, diagnosis and therapeutics). AptSci has ongoing collaboration relationships with several industry partners and is also collaborating with several universities, hospitals and research organizations.

AptSci – aptamer solutions


AptSci a biotech company focused on commercializing cutting-edge technologies based on its proprietary aptamer technology platforms, thus generating aptamers with a strong binding affinity. Aptamers are single-stranded oligonucleotides that bind to molecular targets, such as proteins, with high specificity and affinity. The unique secondary and tertiary structures of aptamers allow their specific detection of even small structural changes in the target molecules, like differences in enantiomeric configurations, presence or absence of methyl or hydroxyl groups, etc… Aptamers exhibit a high degree of specificity that allows them to distinguish between closely related molecules, which greatly enhance the process of targets validations and drugs developments. Aptamer technology is thus perfectly suited to address the growing demand for high-throughput analysis and functional validation of potential drug targets.

AptSci already propose a huge list of hundreds of already validated DNA aptamers (from agonist, antagonist and sensitizer to neutral binder), which can be provided very quickly at affordable price. But AptSci also offers an extensive line of custom aptamers services to support your projects. Customers may submit target molecules and AptSci will generate aptamers against this target with high affinity and high specificity, and very quickly (best sequences identified in just 4 weeks).

Aptsci has developed proprietary protein pull down method using target protein-specific aptamers. This aptoprecipitation assay is highly efficient method to enrich endogenous proteins complex mixtures, with applications in identifying physiologically relevant protein-protein interactions. This aptoprecipitation assay is performed using direct conjugated format of aptamers to magnetic bead, thus minimizing nonspecific binding of proteins with superior performance over antibody based methods. Aptoprecipitation assays use mild elution condition and reusable aptamer beads giving highly reproducible results and a better signal-to-noise ratio than classical methods. AptSci has already developed Protein Isolation Kits (AptoPrep) for Receptor Tyrosine Kinases (RTKs) family and will continue further developments, mainly for the cytokine receptor family.

Aptamer-based technologies also provide new opportunities for the isolation of rare cells from complex and heterogeneous samples. The Cell Separation Kit (AptoCyto) combines advantages of the specificity of aptamer to target cells and convenience of isolation/elution with an excellent yield, purity and cell viability. With this technique, cells will not be exposed to the stress of being passed through a dense column, and bi-labeling with FITC/biotin allows performing flow cytometry analysis without additional dye-labeling step after cell isolation. AptoCyto is not only very powerful, it’s also very fast: the whole process from positive isolation, cell elution to FACS analysis is completed within 1 hour.

AptSci, based in Pohang (South Korea), was launched in 2011 and is leaded by Sung Ho Ryu, Dongil Han and Sung Key Jang. Advisory board is composed of Marty Stanton, Byung Hwan Ryoo, Yoon Keun Kim and Andy Ellington. AptSci is currently funded by aptamer services and products revenues, as well as grants and investments from strategic investors. AptSci is also currently developing an aptamer-based exosome isolation kit as well as an aptamer-based HCV isolation kit for infectious HCV isolation needs.

More about AptSci : www.aptsci.com

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