AROS Applied Biotechnology – total genomic solutions

AROS Applied Biotechnology is a leading provider of Total Genomic Solutions in Europe, covering all steps of the process, from study design, extraction, sample banking, analysis to advanced bioinformatics.

AROS Applied Biotechnology – total genomic solutions

AROS Applied Biotechnology

Since 2000, AROS Applied Biotechnology has run more than 100.000 microarray based on several platforms (including Affymetrix, Agilent, Illumina, Fluidigm, Qiagen and Applied Biosystems), providing a strong experience to this Danish biotech company. AROS offers a wide range of GLP-certified manual and automated services to fit all extraction requirements (DNA, RNA and miRNA extractions, etc…). AROS offers a full range of next generation sequencing (NGS) services from whole genome de novo sequencing to targeted re-sequencing using either of-the-shelf targets (i.e. exomes) or custom designed targets for researcher’s project. Exome targeting, enrichment and sequencing is accomplished with Illumina’s TruSeq Exome Enrichment Kit, Nimblegen EZ Capture or Agilent SureSelect in combination with HiSeq2000 sequencing. AROS Applied Biotechnology also proposes the entire range of RNA sequencing (whole transcriptome, digital gene expression, small RNA sequencing, etc…). For the analysis of mRNA and miRNA expression based on arrays, AROS Applied Biotechnology uses the whole range of Affymetrix GeneChips and Illumina BeadChips, including (GoldenGate and Infinium assays for the genotyping), but also the Applied Biosystems Low Density Arrays. For Copy Number Variation (CNV) analyses, AROS offers a numbers of cytogenetic arrays as well as general genotyping microarrays. DNA methylation profiling can be done by AROS using Illumina Infinium Human-Methylation27 BeadChip and HumanMethylation450 BeadChip, with very high customer satisfaction. AROS Applied Biotechnology also develops drug metabolism studies using DMET assays.

AROS Applied Biotechnology proposes bioinformatics packages to analyze this huge amount of data. Bioinformatics package for Next Generation Sequencing always includes Image Analysis, Base calling and Q-score assignment. The data will be delivered as fastq files, but other options such as the unprocessed run folders can also be delivered upon request.

Clinical Biochemistry Department of Aarhus University purchased the first academic Affymetrix system in Europe in 1999 and quickly became a reference laboratory for Affymetrix in Europe. Therefore, it was soon decided to spin-out AROS Applied Biotechnology as an independent biotech company in 2000. AROS Applied Biotechnology is now based in the Biomedical Research Park in Aarhus (Denmark) and the management team is composed by Morten Melbye (CEO), Thomas Thykjaer (COO) and Mogens Kruhøffer (CSO). AROS Applied Biotechnology is GLP certified by the Danish Medicines and complies rules fixed by both Europe and USA.

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