Vectalys – lentiviral vectors

Vectalys is a biotech company specialized in gene delivery through high quality lentiviral vectors production and providing full services (from expression system design to animal model creation).

Vectalys – lentiviral vectors


Transferring target genes into functional cells allow the development of cell and animal models. Because primary cells are non-permissive towards classical gene transfer technologies, lentiviral vectors are the most efficient tools to achieve high expression of genes or silencing sequences in cells. Vectalys’ platform is based on lentiviral vectors that efficiently introduce human gene sequences into a wide variety of human cells to knock-in or knock-down specific proteins. Vectalys has developed a platform of production, concentration and purification of viral vectors to provide the right vectors to the right application. Customized lentiviral vector includes plasmid design and construction followed by the lentiviral vectors production and purification. Vectalys’ constitutive lentiviral reporter vectors are prepackaged lentiviral particles expressing fluorescent protein genes driven by an EF1α promoter (mCherry, tdTomato, ZsGreen, ZsYellow1, AmCyan1, etc…) for transducing mammalian cells. These VSV-G pseudotyped viral vectors are capable of transducing both dividing and non-dividing cells. Because the lentiviral vectors quality needs are different between hard-to-transfect cells and immortalized cells, Vectalys offers four types of lentiviral vectors batches, using different techniques based on ultrafiltration and chromatography, and adapting concentration and purity to your cell types. The most critical point in such concentration and purification strategies is the removal of serum contents. Vectalys developed a process of serum-free production, leading to a crude batch that exhibit a high transduction performance. Vectalys’ lentiviral vectors purification processes prevent from any effect on cells toxicity, viability and proliferation after transduction, even at high multiplicity of infection (M.O.I.).

Vectalys was founded in 2005 and has now 20 full-time employees. Board of directors is composed by Pascale Bouillé (CEO) and Brigitte Mignotte-Darmon. Management team is composed by Adriana Georges, Yohann Moal, Lucille Lamouroux, Régis Gayon, Christine Duthoit and Carole Fernandez. Vectalys recently signed an agreement with Clontech to distribute fluorescent proteins viral vectors. Vectalys is also the coordinator of the MAGenTA project to develop innovative experimental models and clinical trials dedicated to urogenital diseases. The MAGenTA project received the label of the Cancer Bio Santé cluster in Toulouse (France) in July 2012. The project started in January 2013 for 5 years with a total project funding of €22.5 million.

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