Wyatt Technology – macromolecular characterization

Wyatt Technology is a biotech company providing some of the most advanced tools for absolute macromolecular characterization.

Wyatt Technology – macromolecular characterization

Wyatt Technology

Wyatt Technology has been redefining laser light scattering hardware, software, training and services to meet customer needs for over three decades. Wyatt is now a worldwide leader solving researcher’s most difficult macromolecular characterization needs. The Eclipse Flow-FFF (Field Flow Fractionation) systems solve the most difficult separation, fractionation and sizing tasks in macromolecular characterization. The advantage of Flow-FFF systems over traditional SEC column chromatography is the ability to separate both soluble and colloidal components over a wide size range, as well as sensitive and sticky samples. Typical applications include the separation and characterization of proteins, liposomes, aggregates, emulsions, polysaccharides, viral particles, nanoparticles, polymers, colloidal soil suspensions, polymer latex particles, chemical mechanical polishing slurries (CMP), humic substances, etc… Wyatt’s Eclipse Flow-FFF systems include Eclipse AF4 and Eclipse DUALTEC. Multi-Angle Light Scattering (MALS) detectors for absolute molar mass, size and structure of macromolecules and nanoparticles include DAWN HELEOS II and miniDAWN TREOS. Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) tools for size, size distribution and polydispersity of proteins and nanoparticles in solution include WyattQELS, DynaPro NanoStar, DynaPro Plate Reader II and Möbius. Differential Refractive Index (RI) for concentration detection can be realized using Optilab T-rEX or Optilab UT-rEX. Viscometry Detection (VI) for online differential viscometry detection, intrinsic viscosity measurements and structure determination of polymers can be done using Wyatt’s ViscoStar II. Composition-Gradients Multi-Angle Light Scattering (CG-MALS) system for absolute molar masses and macromolecular interactions can be performed using Wyatt’s Calypso II instrument.

Wyatt Technology is a biotech company based in Germany, France and USA. Scientific Team at Wyatt Technology Europe is composed by Christoph Johann, Dierk Roessner, Roger Scherrers, Christian Ackerschott, Marc Schneider, Sabrina Schneider, Sven Spriestersbach, Kees de Ruijter and Thomas Jocks. And scientific Team at Wyatt Technology USA is composed by Steven Trainoff, Michael Larkin and Craig Bennett. Executive Team is composed by Clifford Wyatt, Geofrey Wyatt, Philip Wyatt and Carolyn Walton. Wyatt Technology has more than 30 years of experience in macromolecular characterization.

More about macromolecular characterization : www.wyatt.eu

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