Transposagen – piggyBac Transposon System

Transposagen is a biotech company specialized in genetic engineering through several technologies (XTNTALEN site-specific nucleases for knockouts and knock-ins, piggyBac transposon system for transgenesis, Footprint-Free gene editing vectors, etc…).

Transposagen – piggyBac Transposon System


Using several genetic engineering technologies, including proprietary piggyBac technology and spermatogonial stem cells (SSCs), Transposagen is able to create sophisticated genetic modifications in many model organisms. Indeed, the piggyBac is a mobile genetic element that efficiently transposes via a “cut and paste” mechanism between vectors and chromosomes. This piggyBac transposon system is very efficient for the production of recombinant protein expressing stable cell lines. One of the main advantages of the piggyBac system is its capability to stably deliver multiple transgenes simultaneously in a single transfection. PiggyBac genome engineering technology has applications in immunotherapy, stem cells and gene therapy, and recently has shown therapeutic promise in preclinical studies. Furthermore, piggyBac is the core technology used by Transposagen to create a large variety of TKO Knockout Rat Models (including humanized, knockout, knock-in, transgenic, conditional, and inducible rats).

Transposagen Biopharmaceuticals Inc. is a privately held biotech company dedicated to provide unique animal models, cell lines, stem cells and cutting-edge research tools. Management Team is composed by Eric OSTERTAG, Jack Crawford, Carlisle Landel and Daniel Allison. Scientific Advisory Board is composed by George Church, Keith Joung, Mac Fraser, Kent Hamra, Aron Geurts and Haig Kazazian. Transposagen, based in the UK, already provided over 50 companies and institutions worldwide. Transposagen is the worldwide exclusive licensee of the piggyBac transposon system, including for human therapeutics, research and bioproduction.

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