XenoTech – drug metabolism studies

XenoTech is a biotech company providing in vitro drug metabolism and drug-drug interaction studies to pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

XenoTech – drug metabolism studies


XenoTech has long experience in evaluating drug candidates as substrates, inhibitors and inducers of drug-metabolizing enzymes and drug transporters. XenoTech’s core capabilities include enzyme inhibition, enzyme induction, drug metabolism, drug transport and analytical services. XenoTech offers a wide range of services to accelerate drug development (in vivo ADME, drug metabolism, transporters and drug-drug interactions). XenoTech features one of the most extensive selections of DMPK-focused products on the market, including hepatocytes, BMO metabolite production kit, Kupffer cells, P450 substrates and metabolites, recombinant enzymes, etc… XenoTech offers subcellular fraction products, including microsomes, S9, and cytosol from 9 toxicologically-relevant species and 5 organ types. The large donor pools minimize lot-to-lot variation and increases the long-term availability of each lot. All preparations are made and characterized according to Standard Operating Procedures. All preparations are characterized and analyzed using validated LC/MS/MS methods and meet XenoTech’s stringent internal acceptance criteria. Additionally, XenoTech also proposes its Discovery Plus Screening Suite, making it easy to narrow down your list of lead compounds. Using medium-throughput assay designs, up to 20 compounds can be screened simultaneously. XenoTech’s expert scientists generate and review the data to ensure you receive reliable screening data.

XenoTech was founded to provide scientists and pharmaceutical researchers with the finest tools and resources needed to advance the development of safer drugs. Management Team is composed by Yasuhisa Adachi (CEO), Jason Neat (COO), Christian Darabant, David Buckley, Joe Saitta and Yasuhiro Enomoto. XenoTech employs strict quality standards following well-developed and time-tested standard operating procedures to ensure the highest level of performance. XenoTech is a trusted partner and expert consultant of 35 of the top 40 pharmaceutical companies worldwide, as well as numerous biotech or biopharma companies.

More about XenoTech : www.xenotechllc.com

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